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    I’m not sure if this is something from inside excel or perhaps the operating system. If you right click on a cell you get a drop down menu CUT,COPY, PASTE… PICK FROM LIST
    on some of our PC’s this is here on others it is not, does this drop down menu have a name to be added from TOOLS/CUSTOMIZE/COMMANDS or is it something else?

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      I don’t know off the top of my head of any way of turning off the shortcut menus without using code. The settings for the shortcut menu are (I believe) saved in an .xlb file along with any other menu customisations you may have made. Are you saying that some users have no shortcut menu at all or that the commands vary? (Bearing in mind that the commands on the shortcut menus vary according to what you’re actually clicking on)

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        On some of the machines in excel the drop down or short cut menu you get from a right click in a cell does not appear. If as you say this information was stored in a .xlb file perhaps this file has been deleted from these machines?

        Do these .xlb files have common names for the Drop down menu, so I could copy it from another machine, or would it require a reinstall?

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          It’s also possible that you’ve got a default add-in installed that disables right click functionality – My company has an otherwise very powerful add-in that disables both right click and double click functionality. If this is the case, you may be able to turn this off in the add-in’s options settings.


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          If you delete an .xlb file XL creates a replacement when you shut down XL. The file name is based on the version of XL and the username, eg mine is Mike8.xlb (for some reason XL97 adds the number 8 to the name).If you have not deleted your .xlb file but have added a button to a toolbar or altered a custom list (not sure about right click menus), when you close down XL it will overwrite your existing .xlb file with a new one containing the changed toolbars etc.

          Sure you can copy an .xlb file from another machine and see if it works, just copy it to a directory other than XLstart, and open the new xlb from XL. BUT FIRST make a copy of your existing .xlb file because if you don’t you have lost it; when you close XL it will save whatever settings it is currently using and use those when you open XL next time. It is very easy to get caught in this way and it is a good idea to make a copy of your preferred xlb file as soon as you can so you can always go back to it.

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