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    Hi all. I hope I posted this in the correct subforum.

    The subject line pretty much says it all. I’ve been a Kaspersky customer for some years now, always a paid/premium user. I also use MBAM Premium, and also have for a long time. These two products, up until a year ago or so, have always worked pretty much hand-in-glove, with few to no conflicts.

    Then over the last year or so, Kaspersky (I’ve been using the Total Security bloatware suite /eyeroll) decided it wanted to be in the antimalware business, whereas MBAM decided it wanted to be in the AV business. I started having to whitelist the two products with each other.

    On my now old Win7 Home Premium x64 desktop, I decided to give KTS the update to 2020 and it wanted to uninstall MBAM as an “incompatible” application.

    As of a couple of weeks ago (mid-November), I now have a brand-new Win10 Pro Retail x64 v1903 box and everything seems to be humming along very well, though I still have a lot of tweaking to do. I migrated my MBAM Premium to the new box and have been running with Windows Defender as my AV and firewall solution for now.

    I’m seriously considering giving Kaspersky the boot and rolling with Bitdefender AV Plus (at $24.99 for a 3-device license, it seems like a fair deal to me).

    Please shoot holes in my thinking or give any advice. 🙂

    Thanks much, as always,

    Windows 10 Pro x64 v1909 Desktop PC

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      Reports here suggest sticking with Defender is a good option – and cheap.

      Do you need 3 copies/have other machines that need protection?

      cheers, Paul

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        I actually will have one (perhaps two) more Win10 PCs in our home.

        As of right now, I am sticking with MBAM Premium and Windows Defender, though it is difficult to get past how bad Defender’s reputation and performance in Win7 was. I really hope that the Win10 version is as adequate as many say.


        Windows 10 Pro x64 v1909 Desktop PC

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      IMO,  microsoft cant update/patch their own OS without catastrophes being common. So how are they as a security venue?

      Color me skeptical

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        I respect your skepticism. Rather than counter it, I extend on it. Microsoft has a habit of breaking things in their OS, then working really quickly to to break it three more times until they break it correctly and it works again. Can you trust a third party vendor to correctly adapt to these changes at the level where their software needs to operate? This introduces a complexity that I prefer to keep in house and let Microsoft track all their fixes that they may not be so open about with others.

        Now I will turn your skepticism around and ask you, if you cannot trust them with your security, how do you trust their operating system?

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      Which came first? Hardware or software?

      I do not trust them. Hence my time spent on different sites perusing available info. I don’t work any longer so time is a commodity I have to spend.

      I use them carefully….esp when dealing with sensitive data

      I can see your point and it is a logical one. Perhaps most bothersome to me is the length of time it takes between ‘fixes’ leaving no access or limited use and m$fts assumption that it is ok to experiment with us while emptying our pockets.

      Kind of off topic but quite interesting. I hope n prey(sic) bitdefender doesn’t go the way of  your experience w/ Kaspersky.

      be well

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        It really has become worse over time: the need for data security and the various solutions that purport to be the best at providing it.

        All while we as consumers and producers of data attempt to find our own best solution.

        Windows 10 Pro x64 v1909 Desktop PC

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