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    We just ordered a customized HP Z2 Tower G9 Workstation for delivery around the end of December to replace an existing Windows 10 HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Desktop that was purchased in 2016 and is not Windows 11 compatible.

    We have had ongoing problems with the old machine including constant reading/writing to the drives while it is asleep.  We considered the option of reinstalling Windows and then setting up the old machine and, from a time value consideration, decided to move forward with a new Windows 11 compatible workstation.

    Once the new machine is delivered it will initially run Windows 10.

    As soon as it is out of its box, we will install two additional drives and then set the machine up for first use.

    The question we are now facing is:

    • To purchase new copies of Microsoft Office 2021, PDF, and other software for the new PC;
    • Use LapLink PCMOVER to transfer the existing programs and data files from the old Windows 10 machine to the new; or
    • Use the old software disks to install Office 2016, etc. and copy data files from a backup stored on an external drive.

    We have use LapLink in the past, with no problems, and its cost of less than $80 is one consideration.

    Obviously, the purchase of new software will be substantially more than LapLink and some of the old software, such as Foxit Phantom PDF, can only be procured by subscription.  We do not subscribe to software.

    Your thoughts will be appreciated.

    Moderator Note: Please refrain from all caps in the title.

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      I myself used Laplink a few years ago and was happy with how it worked.  Assuming it now works as well theen it seems reasonable to use it as you have described.

      Having determined that, then you want to decide if you are happy with the old application software.  You will eventually be using the new Win11 software?  New machine software but old application software?  Not completely consistent.

      Then, to move or reinstall.  Up to you.  If you have a lot of configuration material you wish to retain then move makes sense.  I like to reinstall software to get rid of debris  that has become embedded over time.  Perhaps takes more time but ? how much more than installing and configuring laplink and making the move.

      Seems to me it is a personal decision.  Certainly there is no one right way annd probably not a “better” way.


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        Our inclination is to go with a clean install of new software on the new computer but we are looking at a significant investment in new apps – possibly as much as we spent on the new computer itself.

        However, a clean install avoids the possibility of moving a bunch of detritus from the old machine. Especially since we used LapLink to migrate to the “old machine” from its still older predecessor.

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            With all due respect, what you have just started is a “new topic”.   According to the lounge rules, you should have started a new topic.

            Inasmuch as the moderator corrected the error which the initial author (almost certainly) erroneously made, and nobody can now see the error, I don’t think your comment helps the discussion!!!

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      Set up the machine.
      Make an image backup.
      Use laplink to transfer the programs.
      If you are not happy with the result, restore and install manually.

      cheers, Paul

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      I agree, I would make a backup of the machine brand new, and try laplink to see if it provides a good foundation of software to use, adding new software only if needed.

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