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  • moving router , should i put smartswitch (8) before or after router???

    Posted on 44zack44 Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Home Forums Networking – routers, firewalls, network configuration moving router , should i put smartswitch (8) before or after router???

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        AskWoody Plus

        I’m moving my ATT uver Router to a larger area.. I have ATT fiber , then into ATT router out of that Router into my old house router .. then to 2 wired computers and wifi..

        I moving the ATT router to new bigger area for new Secuity cameras and dvr… just to many wire come into the old are…

        so the plan is to run eithernet cable from att fiber box to new location of ATT router and then back to my old house router .. thinking of adding a smartswitch with the ATT router.. now should the smartswitch be between the fiber box and the ATT router or after the ATT router..

        Now , I’m sure this is very bad explanation.. and I’m sorry…

        thanks for anyone time and information…


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        Michael Austin
        AskWoody Plus

        A crude, hand-drawn diagram simply showing your idea(s) proposed router/switch/computer connections would be helpful. Does the switch have a built-in firewall? If so, please post its make and model.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Sorry , but learning what I’m doing as we go… so don’t have switch yet.. any thing you like , that I should get ??

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          AskWoody Plus

          Maybe a diagram of what you now have and a list of what you will be wanting to connect in addition would help.

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            Rick Corbett

            You’ve told us the basic details of the hardware (but specific make/model would help, e.g. of old house router).

            Now perhaps tell us… what sort of setup you want to end up with?

            For example, just one big physical LAN or 2 physical LANs for security/separation purposes, e.g. keep cameras on seperate LAN to other network traffic which may include guests using wifi for phones/tablets, etc.

            I use the freeware Dia Portable from to create really basic network diagrams. For example:


            It doesn’t have to look pretty ‘cos it’s only there to show connections.

            • Are cameras wireless or wired?
            • What sort/how many devices (laptops/PCs/tablets/cameras/phones) are going to be connected (and how – wired or wireless)?
            • Do you have a printer?

            Hope this helps…

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        Paul T
        AskWoody MVP

        You don’t need a smart switch, just a cheap (dumb) Gigabit ethernet switch is all you need – around $20.

        Is there a reason you are using 2 routers? Att router to switch would be enough.

        cheers, Paul

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        AskWoody Plus

        Sorry , I’m not sure where I replay .. your dawning is very close..I would like to put as someone recommended.. a dumb switch next to the ATT Router .. for new dvr and cameras for security…

        and come out of the ATT router with two cable one to switch and one to my old router ..

        camera will be Wired cat6 , just two computer with guest one be 3

        thanks everyone for your time and input..


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        Paul T
        AskWoody MVP
        1. Why do you have 2 routers?
        2. Why do you want the security gear on the ATT router and your other bits on your old router?

        cheers, Paul

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        I think you are making this more complicated than you want it to be. Unless you are well versed in double routing and the problems you will need to solve, I highly recommend you simplify your plans. Otherwise you may find yourself in a difficult to manage and troubleshoot mess.

        Use only ONE router – located in the wiring order at the entry point of your Internet connection. If you need more physical ports than the router provides then place a switch directly after the router. If you must, you can also wire a long run from the switch to another part of your home and place a second switch there (but not another router!)

        Your Wi-Fi — if not provided already by your router, can be connected to the switch(es). Same for cams etc. In this plan, the Wi-Fi unit cannot be a second router.

        In order:

        Internet modem >> router >> Switch >> Dedicated Wi-Fi AP + all devices.


        Internet modem >> router with integrated Wi-Fi >> Switch >> all devices.


        In the case where your internet modem is also a router and Wi-Fi then:
        All-in-one Internet “box” >> Switch >> devices.

        Hope that helps!

        ~ Group "Weekend" ~

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