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  • MS-DEFCON 2: Initial reports on the August 2018 Patch Tuesday crop are hopeful

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      Da Boss

      But it’s still too early to patch. Of course. As long as you don’t use Internet Explorer or Edge, and stay away from Flash — admonitions you’ve heard
      [See the full post at: MS-DEFCON 2: Initial reports on the August 2018 Patch Tuesday crop are hopeful]

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      Jan K.
      AskWoody Lounger

      Ms-Defcon 2?!?

      *silently passes out*

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Win7, 64bit, Home, Group A, WU through June 2018.

      Woody and fellow lounge folks (and maybe I should start a new topic but I’ll start here) – Speaking of not using Flash as you say above … I recently got a pop up from Norton saying Adobe Flash Player wanted to install while on Netflix. And please note, I use the latest version of Chrome and my plug-in for Adobe Flash is to ask before using. In my Programs tab under Control Panel, Adobe Flash is installed as of 8.14.2018, twice. One was Adobe Flash Player 30 Active X, the other was Adobe Flash Player 30 NPAPI. When I went to my Norton history immediately after the pop-up last night on Netflix, the info was that Adobe Flash Player had installed. I had not given it permission yet it automatically put itself there from the Netflix site. From what I’m reading on the Flash Player where specific sites are concerned, like YouTube and Netflix, it says these sites now use HTML5 in place of Adobe Flash Player, for the most part anyway. Obviously, it seems Netflix is still using Flash Player. Should I go to my Control Panel/Programs list and uninstall the Adobe Flash Player versions mentioned above that were installed last night, or just leave them? Thanks

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        AskWoody Lounger

        Chrome has its own managed and maintained version of Flash called Pepper Flash. Google updates it through Chrome’s updates.

        You can remove the versions of Flash in Add/Remove.
        Flash ActiveX is used by IE, Flash NPAPI is used by Firefox (and NPAPI I believe is now disabled by default in Firefox anyway). Again you mention using Chrome, so yes, remove both of these as they are not used by Chrome.

        They’re likely not going to open you up to attack as you’re not using the browsers that actually use these plugins, but I’d remove them for sanity’s sake anyway.

        The only prompts Chrome should give you related to Flash would be to allow it to run; any prompts to update Flash (from within Chrome) can be safely disregarded. I’m not sure if Netflix uses HTML5 or Flash, but either way, I know Chrome wouldn’t be prompting you to update Flash in order to view Netflix. Some sites do maliciously tell you that you need to update Flash (in Chrome), but these install malware. Netflix is not one of them, but just FYI.

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          AskWoody Lounger

          @zero2dash – Thanks! As I figured, and done.

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          AskWoody Lounger

          Maybe this could be impractical for people who use YouTube? I might be wrong about this, but it is my understanding that receiving YouTube videos requires Adobe’s Flash, no HTML5.

          I did not know that Netflix still allowed Flash connections.


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            AskWoody Lounger

            YouTube defaults to HTML5 where available. https://www.theverge.com/2015/1/27/7926001/youtube-drops-flash-for-html5-video-default

            Adobe Flash going away is long overdue, as is Adobe Acrobat. (It’s a shame more people don’t use Sumatra PDF)

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              AskWoody Lounger

              I did go to YouTube and saw they use HTML5 as a default or whenever possible as a rule. Netflix the same I thought but for some reason Flash “flashed” in front of my face to install and I ignored it but it installed anyway, I might have clicked in a blank space on the Norton pop up screen asking for permission but it installed. I have some settings to review. Chrome is the determining factor and that’s why I like Chrome. I don’t use IE or any other. Both Adobe Flash versions are now gone. I don’t feel a threat because of the dominant force in protecting my Win7 from the dang Adobe Flash. Thanks to all for the input.

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              AskWoody Lounger

              zero2dash: I’ve used Sumatra since Reader went Cloud. But haven’t received any updates for a while. What about getting Sumatra updates? Any useful advice on that, most appreciated.

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              AskWoody Lounger

              I check the Sumatra PDF official site (https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/free-pdf-reader.html) every once in awhile to see if there’s an update. As far as I know, it’s a single dev, so he doesn’t update it too frequently (though it doesn’t need it really, since it has no security issues like other PDF readers). According to Wikipedia the last release, 3.1.2, was released 2 years ago. If yours is that version, you’re fine. Consider it one less piece of software you have to babysit and update like Windows. 😀

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              AskWoody Lounger

              you can see what’s going on in the Sumatra PDF Reader forums

              there’s an issue when using SumatraPDF Reader on Windows 10 v1803 crashes Default apps feature. installing the KB4284848 or higher update fixes that problem.

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        AskWoody Lounger

        In Firefox you can disable Flash until you need it for some sites.

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      Thanks for the advisory Woody.

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      Ok, DEFCON 2 now, but … what about July patches? Is KB4345459 safe? Does KB4338823 need to be applied first and KB4345459 right after without rebooting? Thanks.

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        AskWoody MVP

        When the MS-DEFCON rating reaches 3 or above, instructions will be given on how to apply the July AND August patches.

        | W8.1 x64 | Linux x64 Hybrid | W7 Pro x64 | XP Pro/ Home Offline
          No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created IT - AE
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      Well, two out of 3 systems here went down the drain today after updating. Total mess of crashed processes etc in the logs. One I brought back to life with restoring an older image, the other is undergoing the same treatment. So enough of those adventures.

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        AskWoody Lounger

        Well, two out of 3 systems here went down the drain today after updating.

        What is your operating system and bit size for the failed updates and which updates?

        Group G{ot backup} Win7 · x64 · SP1 · i3-3220 · TestBeta
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      AskWoody MVP

      I just came across this article, not patching related:

      searching few info doesn’t lead anywhere but the KB url, so i presume it’s very new
      it took them almost one year to document this RDS change

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      AskWoody Lounger

      I installed the latest checked updates (KB4343900 and KB4345590) on a previously up-to-date test machine running Windows 7 Professional SP1 and connected to an Active Directory test lab. Upon restart, when trying to log on as a standard user (Domain User), I received an error on a full screen blue Windows 7 background (not the BSOD) saying “Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service” and containing an “OK” button. Upon clicking OK, the screen went black and all that was displayed was the mouse pointer. The only option was to restart the computer. Logging in as an administrator worked, however. I checked the event log, and among the errors was a failure of the Group Policy client to start. Looking back in my notes (to 2012), I found a solution:

      netsh winsock reset

      That fixed the problem, and now the GP client starts, and standard users can log in.

      I did not uninstall the updates and check to make sure that the problem went away, so I can’t prove that the problem is related to them, and I apologize for that. However, the only thing that had changed on that machine since it had a clean event log was the installation of those updates.

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      After making system partition backups I’ve successfully installed the August 2018 security only and IE (and W8.1 Flash) updates from the Catalogue for W7 Home Premium and W8.1 Pro in both my 32 bit and 64 bit PCs. (I dual-boot with W7 as my preferred default.) I then successfully installed the .NET rollups for all 4 combinations using Windows Update.

      After some sanity checking all 4 look OK. The W8.1 folder/file explorer problems which re-occur for me every few updates and which I wrote about a few days ago following the July update (see https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/we-continue-at-ms-defcon-1-dont-install-any-of-the-july-patches/#post-210448 ) did not re-occur with the August W8.1 updates on either PC. (I’ve updated earlier than usual while this explorer stuff is still fresh in my mind!)

      My usual caveat: I’m just a home PC user using non-Microsoft software for everything apart from Windows itself.

      HTH. Garbo.


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      Nibbled To Death By Ducks
      AskWoody Lounger

      As per DEFCON 2, am avoiding:

      1) The August 2018-08 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB4345590), as well as

      2. The 2018-08 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB4343900)

      did download and install the monthly Malicious etc., but it took  the system 15 minutes to create a restore point and install it.

      This, I think, is a record for something so small in file size. Something’s in the wind, and I’m battening down the hatches and diving to a safe depth until Susan or Woody gives the word.



      Win7 Pro SP1 64-bit, Dell Latitude E6330, Intel CORE i5 "Ivy Bridge", Group "A/B [negative] :)", Multiple Air-Gapped backup drives in different locations, "Notify but do not download or install without asking."


      "The more kinks you put in the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the pipes!" -Scotty

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