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    ISSUE 21.06.1 • 2024-02-08 By Susan Bradley An international company must deal with the jurisdictions in which it operates. Microsoft is no different.
    [See the full post at: MS-DEFCON 2: Microsoft and compliance]

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Thank you for flagging the Outlook search box issue in your post. We noticed behaviour this recently in one of our two laptops. They are identical ASUS laptops, both with Office 2021 (not Office 365) installed. Each has different additional software installed, but are generally similar. One laptop computer, with Win 11 Home, showed the bug in Outlook while the other, with Win 11 Pro, did not. The bug also did not affect a third desktop computer with Win 11 Pro and with Office 2021 and not Office 365.  Just more Microsoft weirdness!

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        Thanks fpr your monitoring of Microsofts updates. I only wish that I could get a copy of Microsoft’s European distro. I have become so frusratedted with Ms’s changes that I have not installed an update since 9/2023. So far no problems, but I am missing security patches I know. They keep changing menus,and the way things operate and interferring with the way my computer processes work. I am so frustrate that I am now in the process of evaluating Linux. I don’t know how people in small bussiness continue to operate with the changes.


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          WUMGR  gives the same control experienced users enjoyed in older versions of Windows and will allow you to install only security updates if you choose.

          Group A (but Telemetry disabled Tasks and Registry)
          1) Dell Inspiron with Win 11 64 Home permanently in dock due to "sorry spares no longer made".
          2) Dell Inspiron with Win 11 64 Home (substantial discount with Pro version available only at full price)

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        The Patch Tuesday updates did not fix the misplaced search box. in Outlook.

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      First: I do not use Edge and or Bing to do web browsing. I use Chrome. Will Chrome be affected by these changes too?


      Second: For the first time I needed to use the BlockAPatch application on my Windows 10 Home 22H2 version. Will you (Susan) be giving a tutorial on how to unblock that patch. Providing the all clear is given to install it? Hence, I am a novice at best when it comes to computers. Though there may be information on how to unblock a patch somewhere online. Your tutorials are the best and easy to follow I might add.

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      Microsoft’s Compliance(s) to the various jurisdictions it’s operates is a thankfull and underlightened subject indeed.

      * _ being 20 in the 70's was fun _ *
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      As I’m reading the article from Microsoft, it looks like these changes only apply to computers whose region is set to a country in the EU. Unless I’m mistaken, this is baloney and Microsoft needs to make these changes globally.

      Seems like just because I’m in Canada, Windows is allowed to just do whatever it feels like and constantly change default browsers and PDF viewers for no reason. I know there are tweaks you can do to prevent these, but the bottom line is that people shouldn’t have to.

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      Unless I’m mistaken, this is baloney and Microsoft needs to make these changes globally.

      Why should they ?
      Microsoft always had special versions like N, K with browsers selections, Media Player selections, GDPR support…for EU.

      Apple is also in a process for special features (sideloading, 3rd party payments, browsers selection using their own engines..) just for the EU.

      Want these in your country ? Press your government.

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      WIN 10 Home, 22H2

      Just came off my windows update pause several hours ago, 2/10 and updates were downloaded pending install.  KB5034122, 5034275, and 5033918.

      Yet the problematic  KB5034441 was not included! After install and restart neither history or installed updates showed it. I wonder if at this late date MS finally pulled it. I definitely would have gotten the failed error message as my partition wasn’t big enough. Going on pause definitely seems to have paid off this time. Now updates paused until 3/9.

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        My updates were installed yesterday and the KB5034441 was included. It stalled at 0% for an hour. I was probably too late to silence it. I thought WUSHOWHIDE had worked, but after rebooting it showed it had installed. I have a 1 TB hard drive so must have had enough to install it. It was a painful process and took several hours for everything to complete and also a long reboot.

        I did not receive 5034275, and 5033918. But did receive 503458, MSRT and 5034122. I checked again after installation and no other updates available or needed per Windows Update.

        Win 10 Home 22H2

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      I have a 1 TB hard drive so must have had enough to install it

      The size of the HDD doesn’t matter. What matters is the size of the Recovery partition.

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      since we’re still at defcon 2, today I went on and used my wm ( on vmware ) as guinea pigs. The result wasn’t what i expected :

      Win10 pro : ok

      Win11 pro : ok

      Windows server 2019 : ok

      Win11 pro ( the ms eval image with the Studio dev tools ) : borked badly.  Hitting reboot > blue screen  irq no less than . Then it got stuck on trying to launch the recovery environment (Preparing automatic repair). I’m considering it a goner.

      It was a vanilla win11 like the other pro, in theory ( I tested it other months too, without issues ), with nothing installed.

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