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    ISSUE 18.38.1 • 2021-10-08 By Susan Bradley Enjoy the fall season — take a break from patching! With the October updates bearing down upon us, it’s ti
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      This is also the time to be testing — but not deploying — Windows 11.

      Businesses should wait until late 2022 before considering a full upgrade to Windows 11, analyst firm says...after the second half of 2022 when Windows 11 22H2 ships….

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      In regard to the 21H2 update that you mention in your column, as you have numerous times, that has no release date.  It may come as a surprise then that I have a computer that was updated to 21H2 a couple months ago.  The computer is one I built about 3 years ago with Windows 7 Home installed.  When Windows 10 was made available for testing I signed up for the Windows Insider program and then upgraded this computer to Windows 10.  This machine has very few programs installed and has actually been used very little.  Probably because I still don’t care for Windows 10 even though my daily driver is a 17″ Win 10 laptop that I was forced to buy a year ago when my 17″ Win 7 laptop went south.  Maybe there is something here that will give you a clue as to why that machine was upgrade to 21H2.  Incidentally, my Win 10 laptop is at 21H1.


      Ron D

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        Version 21H2 has been available to Windows Insiders for several months.

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1192 + Microsoft 365/Edge

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      While I have chosen to use Stardock’s Start11 to get a proper start menu instead, I can confirm that the Classic Shell’s open source continuation Open Shell can work fine under Windows 11, with some edits.

      This page outlines the methods required: How to use a classic menu in Windows 11 with Open-Shell (dedoimedo.com)

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        While I have chosen to use Stardock’s Start11 to get a proper start menu instead, I can confirm that the Classic Shell’s open source continuation Open Shell can work fine under Windows 11, with some edits.

        I’m using StartAllBack for Windows 11 (from the same team responsible for StartIsBack, StartIsBack+ and StartIsBack++).  Not only does it improve the Start Menu, it also has enhancements for the right=click context menu, search and File Explorer.  I can recommend it highly.

        Create a fresh drive image before making system changes/Windows updates, in case you need to start over!
        We all have our own reasons for doing the things that we do. We don't all have to do the same things.

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      Besides installing September Update, which other updates do I install right after moving to Win 10 Pro from Win7 Pro (New to Win10) ?

      If there will be other window updates then in what order should I install (will I need to restart after each install) ??

      Tomorrow(Saturday) I’ll be installing Offline using Media Creation Tool USB (by inserting USB in port when PC is off). When is it safe to unplug the USB ? Is it like Bootable Rescue Media that you can unplug after boot menu program is open.


      I hope it’s ok…that I didn’t disconnect from internet before clicking Media Creation file to continue process of creating Media Creation Tool for V1H1 which I was told to do (just saw after reading over reply)


      Just in case-Background of My PC, I had Win7 then had to install Win10 Pro but days later moved back to Win 7

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        If you boot from the USB withe the install media, the install will be a clean install and will remove everything from the PC.

        If you want to try to keep your programs and data, you should start the computer as normal for Win7. Once Win7 is running, insert the Flashdrive with the Win10 installer. Open File Explorer and navigate to the flash drive. Double click on setup.exe to start the install. Choose to upgrade the PC. Say NO to looking for updates online during the install (you should not not connected to the internet) and NO to creating a Microsoft ID. And NO to the other MS suggestions (even if it tells you that you won’t have all the features).  Choose to keep your programs and data.

        Once the install completes, go through the Settings App and be sure you are satisfied with the other privacy settings.
        Read through Sections 1 & 2 of AKB2000016 Guide for Windows Update Settings for Win10 so you understand the settings for Windows Update. Section 5 will help you set up Windows Update so you have some control of the updates.

        After all that, connect to the Internet and Windows should automatically activate. Then you need to be sure the updates are current.

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      If there will be other window updates then in what order should I install (will I need to restart after each install) ??

      Let Windows update take care of that.

      Before upgrading make a full image copy of your current system to an external HDD drive and create a rescue USB on thumb drive.
      Install the upgrade while offline.
      after installation stay offline. Go over all settings, block drivers updates, …
      Block Windows 11 using GPEdit (Pro) or TRV registry hacks (Pro, Home).
      Re-connect to the Internet and check for updates..
      Set pause/deferrals for the coming Oct. patch Tuesday..

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        Yup, I have done all that before starting to upgrade. How do set/temporarily Oct. patch? Shouldn’t following method 2 section 5 in AKB2000026 to set up group policy settings will stop Oct. patch until I manually install it (or does group policy will install automatically when it’s safe? )

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      The old ClassicShell’s capability is now available from OpenShell.
      Here’s how to use it in Windows 11:
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        I’m not stepping up to Win11 yet, but I’m very glad to hear ClassicShell works there!

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      After installing Win 10 Pro today, I  don’t see USB under This PC to eject it. What is the other safe way to unplug this USB that has Creation Media Tool of V1H1 in it ??
      I don’t want to damage it/corrupt it.

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        Open File Explorer.
        Right click on the drive letter.
        Choose dismount/disconnect (or similar menu choice).

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          The Drive letter doesn’t appear there or in bottom most right corner near clock in desktop. I tried refreshing file explorer but still no Drive letter of USB

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            Look in File Explorer. The drive is not a USB symbol not the taskbar.

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              Yes, I did go there and looked under left column where This PC is located and not USB drive not there.

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              It’s going to be the Windows installer that’s the label/name of drive, not USB.

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              I only see my C: Drive and internal Hard Drive.  The closest thing to name of Windows Installer is, When I open C Drive I do see folder named ESD which reminds me of part of the name that Microsoft’s download tool renamed your USB to after completion.     (Which I know that can’t be it since it doesn’t have a Drive letter next to it)

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              OK it would seem the installer is not mounted.
              Just pull the flash drive out.

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              Ok I’ll pull it out.  I am almost done with group policy in your guide. But in your opinion, which method to defer Win 11 and Version Updates would be best suited for me in the long run?  (Feature Deferrals or TargetReleaseVersion settings)

              Keeping in mind, A) a method good for my low level of tech skills.  B) Looking for Method that has least amount of time of upkeep/I can set and forget. A Method that’ll update my PC when it’s safe (to help when busy)


              After Offline installing today Win 10 Pro from Creation Media Tool with 21H1,  My PC Spec is 21H1 Build 19043.928 .    I noticed that in Group Policy it has TRV policy which I thought was new after installing Sept. Update..weird..

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              To open a settings box in Group Policy, double click on the setting in the right hand pane.
              When you make changes in Group Policy, always click “Apply” then “OK” to close the settings box.

              In Group Policy under “Windows Update“:
              + Set “Configure Automatic Updates” to “Enabled” and a value ot “2” (notify download/install). That will cause the updates to show up in Windows Update but they will not download and install until you click the “Download” button.

              In Group Policy under “Windows Update for Business“:
              + Set “Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received” to “Enabled” Set the top pulldown to “Semi-Annual Channel” and the second box (deferral) to “0” (zero). Leave the bottom box blank
              + Set “Select when Quality Updates are received” to “Enabled” and set the top box to “0” (zero.” Leave the bottom box blank.
              + Set “Select the target Feature Update version” to “Enabled.” Enter “Windows 10” in the top box and “21H1” in the second box.

              DO NOT use Pause.

              What these settings will do:
              + Setting Semi Annusl Channel will keep you from getting “Preview” updates (which we don’t recommend installing.
              + Setting the deferrals to “0” (zero) will allow the updates to show up in Windows Update when they are released.
              + Setting Automatic Updates to “2” (notify download/install) will keep the updates that show up in Windows Update from downloading/installing until you click the “Download” button (DO NOT click “check for updates”). This works like Win7.
              + If there are updates in the Windows Update queue that you do not want to install, you can use wushowhide.diagcab to hide them (like hiding updates in Win7) before you click “Download.” Read about clearing the WU queue first.
              + These settings are good until you want to move to the next version of Win10 (21H2) at which time you just change the TRV to “21H2” and the update will be offered.

              If your computer is on Build 19043.928, you need to update to Sept updates before Oct. 12th. The Crrent Build is 19045.1237. Change your Group Policy settings as above and let Windows Update do the updating.

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              Done with applying those policy settings. I like that wushowhide.diagcab can hide any I don’t want. But, by myself I will not know which ones to hide. I have attached screenshot of my pending updates 

              I did bump into here a discussion KB4023057 on uninstall and/or not install now because can block User’s efforts in controlling WU now OR in future while other person says no issues.  What do you think to do with it ??  I Attached screenshot below of full discussion. 

              My TRV has 1 box the Version box. I’m guessing because PC not updated. Which means after updating, I need to go back to edit TRV right ?

              Should I turn On Metered Connection (my pc uses Ethernet) ??


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              For now, hide the two Intel updates and KB4023057. Let’s get you up to date first, then make the decision on them. The updates for Defender and the Sept monthly CU are good. You will have the Product Version setting in Group Policy after the Sept update completes.

              + After you hide the updates (to hide, open wushowhide, click “Advanced”, uncheck “make changes automatically,” click on “Hide”, check the ones to hide, and let wushoehide “fix” the problem).
              + Re-run wushowhide and verify the ones you have hidden do not show in the list under “Hide.”
              Go back to Windows Update – the ones you have hidden are still there. You will need to clear the cache before you click “Download” because what you see in the list is what will install.
              + To clear the cache: Click “Pause updatesONCE. Wait till they are paused. Then click “Resume updates.” The system will start checking for updates and downloading them, but the only ones downloaded should be the ones that you have not hidden. Let the update continue, and restart when asked.

              Good job! I was hoping you would have the guts to go ahead with all the new stuff you’ve had to learn. 🙂

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              I haven’t installed wushoehide yet, looking over its guide. How do I turn it Off just in case it messes up or cause issues like what people commented in guide?

              For example, breaking PC and needed to do clean install, cause issue with towards my programs, important drivers hidden,etc

              Where should I install it ? In guide, someone didn’t like the it was unzipped into C: Drive and to move it as talked about in guide and specifically post # 238988. https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/guide-to-using-wumgr-for-windows-10-updates/#post-2389888


            • #2394994

              WUSHOWHIDE doesn’t install, it just runs from wherever you put it. I keep it on the Desktop.
              It’s a Microsoft tool – it doesn’t do any harm, doesn’t mess up anything, doesn’t mess with any of the programs.
              It uses the Windows Update Service to scan for updates – same as Windows Update.
              Just use it – it won’t bite.

            • #2394996

              Oh ok it’s not something you install. Where do I unzip it into?   So I can always move it’s location?  Like from C: Drive (it’s a SSD)  to my other HDD Drive

              How do I turn it off ?  I can’t seem to find answer in comments. Only that you can related talk

            • #2394995

              Where should I install it ? In guide, someone didn’t like the it was unzipped into C: Drive and to move it as talked about in guide and specifically post # 238988. https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/guide-to-using-wumgr-for-windows-10-updates/#post-2389888

              NOT wumgr!!!!!!!
              the program I am talking about is wushowhide.diagcab.

              There is a link to download it in AKB2000016.
              It is not zipped – it is a single file.

              You need to pay more attention to the instructions and not use something else!
              When you use it you need to follow the instructions in my post above.

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              Oh ok..soo always follow steps above to clear cache instead of the steps in Topic: 2000013 How to clear Windows Update Cache ?

              From now on, when there’s updates, the Windows Update list will go back to having Download Button & Updates saying Pending look the same after it’s done installing, right ?  I didn’t like how fast it started downloading after a clicked Resume. No time to check one last time.


              After restart, I got a Welcome blue screen saying “Let’s finish Setting Up your Device” and say to Click continue to get started. Other options I have to Click is Remind me in 3 days (I don’t to keep having reminders)

              What do I do ??

            • #2395007

              The answer when you see that screen is to decline everything MS offers or suggests. You don’t want ANY of their help!
              There is a setting in the Settings App to turn off that blue screen. I’ll look it up and put it here tomorrow morning.

            • #2395008

              Turn off that screen here (and other notifications you don’t want while you are at it).

              Settings – System – Notifications and actions – UNcheck “Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device to get the most out of Windows” (you could also just start typing “notifications” in the Start menu search and then choose the Notifications and actions settings result)

              From now on, when there’s updates, the Windows Update list will go back to having Download Button & Updates saying Pending look the same after it’s done installing, right ? I didn’t like how fast it started downloading after a clicked Resume. No time to check one last time.

              The instructions said to run wushowhide the second time to verify that only the updates you want are still available in the “Hide” list. If you follow those instructions, only the ones that are still in that list will be downloaded when you Resume updates.

            • #2395227

              Yesterday when I used wushowhide, I did noticed 64-65 Other hardware – Intel Xeon E7 and some of them has word error as part of its full name when you hover over it.  I don’t know if this of any concern..don’t know if it’s been like this in Win 7.  Does it matter if all or any of 64-65 updates also show up in WU Optional list(I haven’t checked in WU) ?

              Should none of them(the 64-65 updates) be messed with since PC was working fine in Win 7 and so far in Win 10 (haven’t gotten to my adobe subscription Apps in being ready to go) ??  Attached screenshots of a sample of the 64 & sample of one with error within full name

              – Also, another Windows Defender Update is pending. Should I install it ?   It showed up in wushowhide when I was screenshotting then I closed out of it when done. But, I opened wushowhide while back up and Defender Update is now gone and only showing up in WU window…is of any concern??     (What if happens again in future. How to fix it? ) Attached screenshot of Defender Update 

              – I want Windows Defender to be up to date before installing my norton 360. How long should I wait to know no more updates that the Defender needs to catch up on ? Or does it matter in it needing to be up to date before stop using it??

              – Just letting you know in wushowhide, Clicking Advanced next to box it said automatically repair not make changes automatically.  Yesterday I still Unchecked that box.

            • #2395247

              You had instructions how to use wushowhide.
              The same instructions should be followed EVERY time you run wushowhide.

              If you installed all those other driver updates that were NOT on the list OK’ed, it’s too late to worry about it now. Hopefully they won’t cause any problems.

              Defender is your Anti-virus software. It needs to be updated whenever updates are available.

            • #2395290

              I didn’t install any of those drivers while being in Win 10 Pro and I don’t recall clicking & letting WU to install them when we were getting my Win 7 up to date (since was behind my a lot).

              I checked Optional Updates and View Update History  in WU and none of those Intel drivers are listed. Soo, the only place they show up is in wushowhide List.

              Yesterday right after Win 10 was done installing and I was on my desktop screen…I did get a notification saying, Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver is No Longer Available & in small grey text saying, this app removed from PC because it doesn’t work on this Version.     Maybe…that caused the word error to be seen as part of full name of some of those drivers..?


              I asked those Windows Defender questions because I will be installing my Norton 360 & Defender will end up auto turning it self Off.   Will Windows Defender continue to get Updates in WU even if it’s not being used ?


            • #2395407

              You should get your driver updates from the PC’s OEM or the device OEM using the make and model of the PC and the device model number. Look in Device Manager for any yellow triangle warnings that the device has a problem.

              If Norton turns off Defender, Defender probably will not get anti-virus updates.

            • #2395579

              Confused..I thought it was too late to worry about it. I’m curious what changed your mind?  I googled for a bit on how to do all the stuff you said in first(1st sentence) with “Intel” as part of search…like how to find out how to find make and model of the PC (when PC is a Custom Built) and Device model number. But I’m still not clear how to follow your instructions…

              Will my PC’s OEM be the Gigabyte company/brand since that’s my Motherboard ?  Will my Device OEM be Intel since I have Intel 7 Processor ?

              – During that google search, I did read saying something like if driver is/says working fine and you don’t have any issues happening then don’t update.  Also, Windows keeps auto updates/updates the versions of all drivers enough times.

              – I looked thru Device Manager and didn’t  see any yellow hazard symbols.  Under System Devices, I clicked on some of the Intel ones and all their dates are from 2014. Under Processors, their dates from 2009.  I don’t see the name Xeon E7 listed.     Sooo why is there 64/65 Intel Xeon E7 drivers with some with error in name only seen wushowhide ?


              – How do I know if my USB 3.0 ports will still work as 3.0 and not been re-programed into USB 2.0 performance??   Since Windows automatically No longer Available and was removed from PC  Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller.   After looking in Device Manager, I did see it there but has 1.0 in the end of its name (I’m confused)  & date of June 2021 & USB Root Hub (3.0) driver date August 2021



              Also, would I for you to know before I started installing Windows 10 Pro:  I right-Click disabled my only internet connection (Ethernet)  instead of physically unplugging Ethernet cable.  I did pick Not Now for when asked to do Windows Updates now.  BUT, as installation continued blue screen saying  Working on Windows Updates. Don’t I Turn Off PC.  

              Then when Windows 10 Log In screensaver appeared, I hovered over Internet Icon and noticed my Internet was back on !  Did not picking to unplugging cable to disconnect caused the 64/65 Intel Xeon E7 drivers to be automatically installed by Windows & only be seen inside of wushowhide ??

              Only one driver, NVIDA – Display was listed inside View Updates History.  When I 1st logged into Win10

            • #2395592

              like how to find out how to find make and model of the PC (when PC is a Custom Built) and Device model number

              You will need the manufacturer, make and model of the devices (mother board, CPU, Chipset, Video card, etc.) to update drivers. Look in Device Manager.Also, you can enter msinfo32 in the taskbar search box and click “Enter.”

              During that google search, I did read saying something like if driver is/says working fine and you don’t have any issues happening then don’t update.

              That is correct, but sometimes drivers do need updating if there is a conflict or they cause problems.

              Sooo why is there 64/65 Intel Xeon E7 drivers with some with error in name only seen wushowhide ?

              They showed up in wushowhide because they were offered through Windows Update. wushowhide and Windows Update both use the Windows Update service to scan for updates and the list is the same. You just use wushowhide to hide the ones you don’t want because the option to do so is not available in Windows Update.

            • #2395604

              Ok soo, since there was no Yellow Hazard symbol in Device Manager…do I still need to find their location & update those 64-65 Intel Xeon E7 drivers ??     Only clue of their location (since Xenon E7 not seen in plain sight) is in Device Manager under System Devices since there’s a long list with the word Intel Device among other different names.

              – Confused, then Why can’t I see them being offered through Windows Updates’s Important or Optional List??  Could they be leftovers offering updates for them by Windows Update from when PC was on Win 7 ??

              If a person didn’t use wushowhide while then they’ll never know of that some had the word error in their name..right. That’s not good for people.

              –  I wrote down all brand names I saw & anything that looked like version number, their make, model number. I don’t if I wrote down everything needed. I couldn’t find anything listed with the word/label with Chipset  proceeded by a brand name or something



              – I did notice when in msinfo32 (System Info) that my PC Build still says 19043.1237 & Version 21H1 after installing September updates & having  2nd box in TRV added. Maybe…it’s because we hid Kb 4023057



            • #2396848

              I started to wonder if that Schedule Task we created after we were done updating my PC(with Win7 Pro) that was labeled as Win10 Telemetry Schedule Task will still work now that my PC OS is Win 10 Pro ?   If yes, how do I check if it’s working in Win 10 ?

              Telemetry was mentioned 8/29. Here’s the link of my topic from back then https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/asking-for-a-favor-about-updating-my-win-7/#post-1925626


              Also, I’m I right to assume that I should leave alone the Intel drivers since there was no yellow hazard icons any where in Device Manager based on your last reply ?

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        I just yank it and pull it out.  I’ve not found that it corrupts anything.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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        • #2395979

          That’s my experience as well. As long as an attached drive isn’t actively being used with a changed but unsaved file (in which case, with Win10, you’re warned), Win10 reasonably-up-to-date is not nearly as fussy about formally Ejecting as Win7 or iOS. For example, you attached an SD card drive with photos to a USB slot, Win10 now doesn’t care if you yank it. iOS still gets pissy even though you often can yank it without corrupting anything.

    • #2395657

      it’s because we hid Kb 4023057

      KB4023057 doesn’t change build number.

      “This update may request your device to stay awake longer to enable installation of updates.

      Note The installation will respect any user-configured sleep configurations and also your “active hours” when you use your device the most.

      This update may try to reset network settings if problems are detected, and it will clean up registry keys that may be preventing updates from being installed successfully.

      This update may repair disabled or corrupted Windows operating system components that determine the applicability of updates to your version of Windows 10.

      This update may compress files in your user profile directory to help free up enough disk space to install important updates.

      This update may reset the Windows Update database to repair the problems that could prevent updates from installing successfully. Therefore, you may see that your Windows Update history was cleared.”


      I have installed every single KB4023057 update on my Windows 10.

    • #2395980

      I’m embarrassed to say that of my three PCs, I did not take do a good job on one of them of following askwoody guidelines and so got updated to the 21H1 update for October 2021 early. On the other two PCs, I thought I followed askwoody guidelines to defer updates until later in October. One of them updated anyway.

      The good news is that the two PCs that updated sooner-than-desired to the cumulative update for October 2021 for 21H1, everything seems to be fine.

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