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    ISSUE 18.17.1 • 2021-05-10 By Susan Bradley It’s time for both business users and consumer or home users to pause Windows updates. Accordingly, I’m ch
    [See the full post at: MS-DEFCON 2: Pause on patching]

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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    • #2363933

      Hoping that the May update will bring me the latest feature update.
      What happens if I do not receive the latest update and I am still on 1909?
      Should I wait and see if I get it pushed to me tomorrow?
      If not should I download it somewhere now?

      Is it safe to still be on 1909?

      Win 10 Home 22H2

      • #2363942

        See #2363939.

        May updates are the last updates for v1909 and then it will be EOL.
        You should seriously consider upgrading to v2004 or v20H1 (recommended) real soon.

        • #2363949

          How do I get the feature update?

          Win 10 Home 22H2

          • #2363953

            See #2363951.

            • #2363961

              I will wait until tomorrow, if it does not come, I will do the registry file, as it appears I do not have the SSU either KB4577266.


              Do I need this first?

              Win 10 Home 22H2

            • #2363963

              No, KB3577266 is The SSU from Sept 2020.
              You will get any SSU you need installed with the update automatically.

              Do you have Pause set anywhere? If so, try Resume Updates.
              Do you have Metered connections set to ON? If so, turn it OFF.

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            • #2363991

              I don’t have anything on pause or metered, and will continue to check for updates.

              Win 10 Home 22H2

            • #2364005

              GOOD NEWS!

              I left the computer on to do it’s own thing and settle in.

              A blue box came up and stated important update for the computer.

              I accepted the update and it provided 20H2.

              Now I updated WU and behold, April updates and those needed for 20H2.

              It was very strange, not used to this update system as I have w7 still on my mind.

              Thanks for your patience!

              Win 10 Home 22H2

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    • #2363943

      As of this writing the site graphic  for defcon level still shows it set at 4 not 2.

    • #2363958

      1) “For those of you with an Office click-to-run (CTR) edition, I strongly recommend that you change to the semiannual channel rather than the monthly one because it will keep you from the Autocomplete bug.”

      I have Microsoft Office 2019 otherwise known as “Office 2019 for PC” or “perpetually licensed Office 2019”.  When I bought it, the info said I would only receive security updates.

      But this link says Office 2016 and 2019 update the same and I don’t know if I am getting more than security only updates.


      Still, there is nothing to indicate whether updates are monthly or semiannual as pictured in this article.


      See attached screen shot from my Office 2019 Product information page.

      I don’t think I am on any channel.  So, I just keep updates disabled and only download when Defcon 4 appears.

      This article reads like I am still not safe because there are unsafe updates that can install even after Defcon 4.

      2) I use pause rather than set my internet connection to metered because metered blocks Windows Defender definition updates.  Pause lets them through.

      HP Pavilion Desktop TP01-0050 – 64 bit
      Windows 10 Home Version 22H2
      OS build 19045.3324
      Windows Defender and Windows Firewall
      Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019
      -Version 2308(Build 16731.20170 C2R)

      • #2363966

        I left personal info on first time I added attachment and I cannot figure out how to remove the first attachment.  I have removed the personal info the second time I put the attachment up.

        I tried to edit and don’t know how.  Please help.

        HP Pavilion Desktop TP01-0050 – 64 bit
        Windows 10 Home Version 22H2
        OS build 19045.3324
        Windows Defender and Windows Firewall
        Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019
        -Version 2308(Build 16731.20170 C2R)

      • #2363992

        I don’t think I am on any channel.

        Correct. Susan should have said “Microsoft 365”, not “Office CTR”.

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.2361 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

      • #2364484

        I followed your advice and put in the Registry Key to defer the next feature release and also altered Office to the semiannual channel.

        It is now taking 4 minutes plus to open Word, Excel or Powerpoint files from One Drive or sometimes hanging completely! Trying to save a new Word file to One Drive also hangs with “Not Responding”. A few files that are only local open and save normally, as do non-Office files.

        I’m running Microsoft 365 Family on Windows 10 Home version 20H2.

        Advice please!

    • #2364018

      Start, Settings, Network & Internet, and then Wi-Fi or Ethernet (whichever connection you are using). Next, click Manage known networks; click on the network that you use, click Properties, and turn on Set as metered connection.

      Thanks for the heads-up! On my version of Win10 Pro 64b (20H2 | 19042.928 | Experience Pack 120.2212.221.0 <– what a ridiclous amount of junk to ID the OS!) the above instructions don’t work. Manage known networks is no longer available. However, if you’re on ethernet going to: Settings > Network & Internet (Satus) > Local Area Connection [Properties] you can set your network to a metered connection from there. I’m assuming it’s similar on this version for Wi-Fi.


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    • #2364022

      In the recent past,  Susan recommended (via video) either setting a “metered connection” or “deferral date”. I chose to use the “deferral date” because a “metered connection” can cause some apps to function differently. Now this post seems to be suggesting both. Is it OK to set both or are there any watch outs with doing this?

      • #2364091

        My apologies if the impression was to do both. I’m giving you the choice as to which you prefer.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        • #2364115

          Did you mean “Pause” date? Pause is available to both Win10 Home and Pro.

          Defer is only available to Win10 Pro (and above) through Group Policy, and the setting is the number of days.

          Pause and Defer are NOT the same thing. Using the wrong terminology can be confusing to the User.

          • #2364203

            Yes, agreed, I mean “Pause” not “Defer”. Thanks for the clarification. I am using Susan’s video “Tasks for the Weekend 02-06-2021 – YouTube” to set the “Pause date through Start > Settings > Update & Security > Advanced options > Pause updates. Again, thank-you PKCano for the clarification!

    • #2364042

      Hi there. Is wushowdide better to use with the upcoming monthly updates rather than the deferral option to a future date ?

      From what I have read the deferral option still installs the updates once your chosen date is reached whereas wushowhide lets you choose which update to install.

      Am I a bit off in my thinking ? Would appreciate your thoughts.

      Many thanks


      • #2364114

        Are you referring to Pause? You can Pause updates to a given date. Pause is available to both Win10 Pro and Win10 Home. Pause begins when The User clicks “Pause Updates.” When Pause expires or the User clicks “Resume updates,” the result is immediate download/install of available/pending updates unless Metered connections are turned on.

        Deferral is only available through Group Policy to Win10 Pro or greater Editions.
        Defer updates only gives you a choice of the number of days to defer, not a certain date.
        Defer begins on the date of issue of the update and continues for the number of days set. When the Deferral time expires, the download/install can be controlled by another GP setting of “2” (notify download/install.

        The Main Blog post uses the terms Pause and Defer incorrectly, as if they are the same thing. They are NOT the same thing.

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    • #2364158

      Thanks for the “Pause on patching” article.  When I attempted to put in the registry key, it seemed to download successfully, but gave me the following error message when I pressed ‘this link’.

      X  Registry Editor

      Cannot import C:\\Users\Ralphnbarbara\Download of 20H2.reg:  Error accessing the registry.


      • #2364166

        Are you signed in as an administrator?

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.2361 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

    • #2364230

      new CUs are out Tue 5/11:

      KB5003173 for v2004/20H2 (and 21H1)
      KB5003169 for v1909
      KB5003243 for v1809 enterprise/education/LTSC

      KB5003233 monthly rollup for Win7 / Server 2008 R2
      KB5003228 security only update for Win7 / Server 2008 R2

      KB5003209 monthly rollup for Win8.1 / Server 2012 R2
      KB5003220 security only update for Win8.1 / Server 2012 R2

      note – the MS support articles for these patches will be posted around 11am or 12pm pacific local time

    • #2364237

      Just for info, I just now used the wushowhide.diagcab and will Hide 3 pending updates, but not hide the Security Intelligence update for Windows Defender Antivirus. Also, here are two links to download wushowhide because Microsoft removed it from their website.




      Computers become slow when they sense that their servants are in a hurry.
    • #2364299

      I did a check for updates but won’t install any of them until the DEFCON level is up to a level 3 or higher.   I have Office 2010 on my computer,  and this is the first month that no Office security updates were offered to me.  Up until now,  Microsoft had been offering me security updates even though Office 2010 had technically reached its end-of-life several months ago.  Does the fact that I wasn’t offered any security updates this month mean that my Office 2010 has finally reached its end of life in terms of security updates?

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