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    ISSUE 19.31.1 • 2022-08-04 By Susan Bradley This time we’re forewarned, and the problem probably won’t affect many. Here we go again. Month after mont
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Wow, how does Microsoft keep tripping over the same things again and again?  Printing?  No Start Menu?  Feels like these have been popping up for a few years now.  🙁

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      Susan, I have a HP Color LaserJet Pro M479 multi-function printer on my Wireless Network. I’ve been having all kinds of problems for about a week, trying to figure it out through HP. I read today’s email and wondered if that could be my problem, so I uninstalled the 7/26 update. My printer works fine now. Thanks!

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      I’m getting micro patches every couple days  for Microsoft printer problems  from 0patch  Pro. With the START,  I liked the old W7 START so I installed power shell.  Every time MS has the monthly patch it reverts to the W10 START so I have to use the power shell to put it back.

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      MS can’t get Win 10 straightened out after 7 years and they dare to put their experimental beta version of Windows (11) in new computers selling in stores.  What a mess.

      Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake as soon as you make it again.

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      there were also “other” printing issues not mentioned nor covered in Susan’s recent article.

      like this problem when printing to USB-connected printers as mentioned by MS here when installing the KB5014666 or newer update:

      affected Win10 versions for this other printing issue seem to occur from Win10 20H2 to Win10 21H2

      perhaps that article should be updated to mention this other printing problem for usb printers

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      I got caught off guard yesterday 8/9/22. I had forgotten to disable updates and Windoze decided to update. Once it had finally finished, and I rebooted and it finally finished again, left my computer on running a cloud app in virtual box and I went to bed. Overnight, we lost power. That usually isn’t a problem because my UPS puts the machine into hibernation. When I woke it up in the morning, I had no internet connection. Micro$oft had thoughtfully deleted my network interface. Since everything else on my network was just fine, I reinstalled the NIC drivers and eeverything was fine after that. Thanks Micro$oft!

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