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    ISSUE 20.45.1 • 2023-11-09 By Susan Bradley Trick or treat? Microsoft released Windows 11 23H2 on Halloween. On top of that, November’s Patch Tuesday
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Even though I am here daily, this is the first I read of Win 10 23H2. When did that sneak in and where can I find what has changed? Would like to be prepared to sit tight or not.


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      “First, Microsoft’s ISO for Windows 10 22H2 is no longer available, having been replaced by 23H2. ”

      This looks like a typo to me.  Shouldn’t it be Windows 11 22H2?

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        I think that it is a typo.  I also think that Susan gets temporarily confused by all the different versions of Windows and other software.

        She is a busy person running this site, writing for other sites, and being IT person in an office.  All of us get confused with the constant change and lack of information.  I know that I do.



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          Typo.  I need to review my version numbers better because I constantly know what I’m talking about but screwing it up when writing it down.

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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            Hi Susan, this is my first post in the lounge, please tell me where I should post this question:

            I have an outlook.com account, which Microsoft forced me to create when I purchased a Windows 11 upgrade on August 1. I wrote the password on a PostIt, which has vanished. Now MS wants me to update that outlook.com, but I can’t sign in. I have never used that account; I can see it on my Windows 11 computer, and there are exactly 2 messages, both from August 1: acknowledgement of the Windows 11 Pro upgrade order; and 20 minutes later, “Get to know your OneDrive”. That’s it, 2 messages. I never used the account. I never sent any messages.

            However, somehow I do have access (in the default mail app) to that outlook.com account on this one machine, which popped up after I opened the first MS support call. I have no idea how that happened.

            I think this is a special account, because I used it to do the Windows 11 upgrade to Pro. I don’t believe I can just delete it and start over; or can I?

            The recovery bot ( submit a new form )is killing me. It keeps telling me there’s not enough information; but there isn’t any way to tell it that I don’t use the account except for this one time. Any ideas? Thanks. There’s some backup information  which I could send if I can find a human at Microsoft to help; but support has been adamant that there is no way to get human support for this issue. Thank you so much

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              Whenever I’ve been in this sort of situation, I’ve chalked it up to a lesson to write these passwords down.

              Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      I do not want CoPilot.  Full stop.

      I do have InControl active.  I also have a Registry item only to use Win 11 22H2.

      Now I did go ahead and used Susan’s registry key today.  But do I have any need to use the ADMX and/or ADML files?

      Thank you.

    • #2601284

      I have one originally Win 11 Pro machine and 2 originally Win 10 Pro machines which both can use Win 11. I was afraid to update the Win 10 machines because of possible hitches. So I bought the Win 11 machine to get my feet wet. I really like Win 11 especially for plain text search with no technical terminology. I updated the Win 11 machine to 23H2 with no resulting problems

      I updated one Win 10 machine to Win 11 Pro 23H2 with no problems but I still lingered on the last machine because on that machine I have my printer and scanner and with tax season coming I knew they both needed to work.

      Now I have updated this last Win 10 Pro machine to Win 11 Pro 23H2. The printer worked fine but I did need to re-install the scanner. Now it works frine/

      So, in sum, no problems with Win 11 Pro 23H2.

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      You have expressed caution about installing October’s updates on vm hosts. So is it OK to install October MS updates on the vm itself?

    • #2601293

      If we hold off updating Hyper-V host can we still safely update the VMs inside this or was it advised to hold off on them too? Thank you.

    • #2601323

      You don’t need Windows 11 23H2 to get the  “never combined” option for displaying apps on your taskbar. It’s available via the very low-cost Start Menu replacement program Start11, version 2 which has recently been released by the good folks at stardock.com. Start11 also offers 5 different replacements for the Windows 11 Start Menu including Windows 7 and Windows 8  styles, ability to place the taskbar at the top of your screen, and much, much more. They offer a 30-day free trial. Currently, for single computer it’s $6.99, for 5 it’s $14.99. If you’re upgrading from Start11 version 1, it’s even less expensive, just $7.99 for 5 computers.


      • #2601426

        It appears you don’t need 23H2 to get the “never combine” option for the taskbar, you just need to install the October preview release for 22H2 (22621.2506).

      • #2601601

        I think it’s absurd that we have to pay to get basic functionality that should have been included from the get-go, instead of the half-baked garbage Taskbar and Start Menu Windows 11 has.

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      Windows 11 22H2 update impacted my HP OfficejetPro printing capability. I was forced to rollback update. Future updates are currently on hold. I have no idea when it is safe to enable updates.

      James Denneny


      • #2601464

        Can you define what happened as I’m not tracking any issues in printing.

        Which specific update or the entire feature release?

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      “First, Microsoft’s ISO for Windows 10 22H2 is no longer available, having been replaced by 23H2. ”

      It is a typo. The only Windows 11 version available on the MS website is 23H2. Windows 10 version 22H2 is also available on the MS website which is the last version there will ever be for Windows 10.  Version 23H2 for Windows 10 doesn’t exist.

    • #2601719

      Hi Susan, are you recommending the 23H2 update for business computers?

    • #2601759

      On Win111 Pro 22H2 (up to date). Cannot use windowscopilot.admx. I get an error message saying: “only files withe ADM extension can be added”.

      C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions    already contains  a file with the same name and the corresponding ADML. It cannot be added either.

      The reg keys  to turn of f Copilot run OK.

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      OOBE update was made available for Win11 22H2/ 23H2 yesterday 10th November on the MS Catalog:

      Changelog or notes leave much to be desired..

      Obligatory Octopi Box Experience?

      Win8.1/R2 Hybrid lives on..
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      Thought I would use Rufus to archive Win11 22H2. Alas, not an option:


      Win10 only shows 22H2. Ah, here we are:  https://superuser.com/a/1790355/171670:

      Rufus doesn’t have their own hosting for those ISO downloads, they always pull it from the official releases download links. Since Microsoft recently decided to remove their official download links for past versions of Windows, Rufus also doesn’t have them anymore.

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      Well, just got InControl. And locked to win11 22h2. Reluctant at first due to past history with freeware. But decided to go for it, as the last thing I need is Windows messing up. One question about InControl for those that use it, Since updates are in ‘cumulative’ patches does InControl split the cumulative batch apart and only allow the security parts through?

      • #2603756

        InControl controls Product version updates (Win10 -> Win11) and Feature updates (22H2 -> 22H2 and 22H2 -> 23H2).

        It does not control monthly Patch Tuesday updates (Cumulative updates like 2023-09 Build 19045.3570 -> 2023-10 Build 19045.3693 0r 2023-09 Build 22621.2428 -> 2023-10 Build 22621.2715). It does not separate Security and non-Security components. It does not control any other MS updates.

      • #2603757

        Incontrol only sets feature release, it does not control the monthly updates.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

      • #2603773

        Oh okay, my bad

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