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    ISSUE 18.23.1 • 2021-06-24 MS-DEFCON 4: Get those June updates installed By Susan Bradley It’s time to deal with “News and Interests.” Consumer and ho
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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    • #2373213

      Updated today but suffering the previously reported issue of tray icons disappearing when News and Interests is turned off. They come back when N&I icon is changed to icon only, but I don’t want this garbage cluttering up my task bar.

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      • #2373231

        Install that optional update of KB5003690  – that should fix you up.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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        • #2373239

          Thanks for the information Susan!

          I suffered the taskbar missing icons issue last night, my machine had installed the update during the day per my policy configuration!

          I uninstalled the update as the “fix” seemed to be a preview update and I believed it was the preview for July. Did I read wrong?

          Thanks, Martin

          • #2373254

            If (in your case when) you are impacted by the news and interests , go ahead and install the preview update https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/june-21-2021-kb5003690-os-builds-19041-1081-19042-1081-and-19043-1081-preview-11a7581f-2a01-47d5-ba12-431709ee2248 – it does not include any new security fixes, it does include the fixes for the news and interests especially when interacting with third party shell programs.

            Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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            • #2373263

              My four denuded v21H1 aren’t having a problem with Win10 vs Open Shell vs Taskbar. See this.

            • #2373801

              Hi Susan, group,

              I’ve tried a few things and my conclusion is the following:

              • If I disable by Group Policy and I didn’t disable NI using the taskbar controls, I don’t need KN5003690!
              • If I disabled NI using the taskbar controls, I have a mess in my taskbar. KB5003690 is needed.

              So, I uninstalled KB5003690, set NI in gpedit to “not configured” (to make the taskbar controls visible), logged off then back in, re-enabled NI using the taskbar controls, disabled NI in gpedit, logged off then back in and my taskbar is good!

              So, the taskbar control seems to be the broken bit!


            • #2374186

              Update : after a reboot, I have a messed taskbar. Installing KB5003690… :-/

              My machine is the only one who needed it, none of the others I manage do, YMMV of course!


    • #2373208

      You mentioned in passing a problem with Classic Shell (aka Open Shell) and the latest Win10 updates – but I’m not entirely sure what issue you mean. I have quite a few “customers” (retired people whose computers I support) with Open Shell installed on Win10 – so wanted to make sure I am ahead of any potential issues. Do you mean this issue reported on the Open Shell Github? https://github.com/Open-Shell/Open-Shell-Menu/issues/730
      Or is there something else I need to look at?

      • #2373277

        I’ve just installed KB5003637 for 20H2, rebooted and updated to the latest version of Open-Shell from an outdated one. No adverse issues when turning off News and interests; no disappearing icons from the taskbar, or anything else.

    • #2373209

      I’m on 1909 Enterprise, so it’s the first time I’m going to update in its “extended period”. Very curious to see how many updates there are.

      • #2373284

        enterprise & education editions of 1909 get support/updates until May 2022, btw

    • #2373224

      The issue to which I refer is literally disappearing task tray icons. I have tried to post links to various articles describing it and workaraounds but the spam filter prevents me from doing so.

    • #2373227

      It’s time to deal with “News and Interests.”  At one time, you had a workaround to get rid of News and Interests. How do we do that?

      • #2373236

        DisableNews.reg (askwoodylounge.com)

        There’s the registry fix to disable news.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      • #2373238

        You can just disable it with a right click or use a registry key or the GPO.


        • #2373415

          This site states that News & Interests isn’t completely disabled by hiding it. Here’s the full instructions, including the actual registry key. (The posts of Susan’s I saw just had a downloadable reg file.  I like to do it myself.)


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          • #2373461

            With pro version – group policy editor is the easiest way to go

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            • #2373622

              Do we know whether the registry hack works with Home? Also, Susan states that the easiest way to get rid of it is to “hide” it. The site I quoted says hiding it doesn’t disable it, which means it may still be running in the background and taking up resources, and bandwidth, and sending telemetry, including location,  to MS.

            • #2373624

              If you can’t see it it doesn’t mean it’s not spying on you.

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            • #2373623

              This is just another way to get more information from MS users. The weather app appears to be crap. If I want the weather, there’s a site that uses weather stations at my local airport, tied in with the Bureau of Meteorology, and it has local tides (important information for amateur fishermen and dog-walkers). It show Sunchine, UV intensity, Rainfall and Temperature. I have it on my PC and my Android and it works without all sorts of permissions. It doesn’t even want my location. I tell it where I am. All the stupid apps MS dreams up have better alternatives. That’s why I use O&O Shutup (to turn off as much snooping as I can) and O&O AppBuster (to get rid of the  MS Crapware).

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    • #2373232

      Susan has provided a registry hack to remove that stupid button, but unfortunately when the N&I icon goes, so do all the others!

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      • #2373235

        June 21, 2021—KB5003690 (OS Builds 19041.1081, 19042.1081, and 19043.1081) Preview (microsoft.com)  Install that update for anyone having issues with task bars going missing after the install of the June updates

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

        • #2373242

          This brings me to a dilemma : install a preview update or skip the June update?

          Susan, what would suggest for home users? Are the fixes from the June update critical or is the biggest fix a clean taskbar if you aren’t a Microsoft sheep? 😉

          In other words, is the June CU more trouble or risk than is worth?

          Thanks for your insight!


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          • #2373274

            I’ve tested the preview and it only impacts the news – given that the June updates were patching several “in the wild” targeted attacks and remote code, I’d rather you get the June updates installed then layer on the preview then go without.

            Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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        • #2373289

          Thanks Susan, that solved the missing icons problem for me.

    • #2373240

      Its funny that MSFT must release fix (update) to fix the previous update (eg. blurry text on News and Interests).
      Does the News and Interest run on “Edge webview2 runtime” that somehow appeared in my installed programs list few days ago?

      Dell Latitude E6530, Intel Core i5 @ 2.6 GHz, 4GB RAM, W10 20H2 Enterprise

      HAL3000, AMD Athlon 200GE @ 3,4 GHz, 8GB RAM, Fedora 29

      PRUSA i3 MK3S+

    • #2373241

      Why is MS wasting their time on stupid things like News & Interest when they could fixing their past blunders or checking the code for their new releases before they open a zero-day and cause MS to rush to fix the fix that they screwed up.

      Clippy was more useful than News & Interest.

      Custom Build - Intel i5 9400 5 Core CPU & ASUS TUF Z390 Plus Motherboard
      Edition Windows 10 Home
      Version 22H2 (OS build 19045.2251)

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    • #2373288

      Updated today but suffering the previously reported issue of tray icons disappearing

      Updated weeks ago, disabled News and interest, no bugs with tray icons.

    • #2373309

      Hi Susan, I updated my desktop PC (Win7 Pro) with KB5003667 Monthly rollup and KB890830 malicious software removal tool. Per your advice, I deferred KB500379 Net update. Desktop PC went fine. I tried to install the same KB (KB5003667 and KB890830) on my win 7 HP laptop. It installed the kb890830 but failed four times to install the KB5003667. I decided to check the ESU on the laptop. The result was the ESU (2nd yr) was installed correctly so I decided to try the install again after checking the ESU. When I went to windows Update to try to install KB5003667 again, the Windows update showed that “Windows is up to date” As I am typing this Windows now shows updates are available via a popup. The update is the one that disappeared a few minutes ago. I even tried a standalone install of KB5003667 but it appears to hang up on “searching for updates on computer” and does not go anywhere.  I shut down the laptop and restarted.  Now windows update states “Windows is up to Date” again.  I wonder what is going on?

    • #2373401

      What about Start 10, and this June update? Stardock forums are not clear regarding if the mess Microsoft caused with the June update and VARIOUS Stardock programs is fixed by the Microsoft preview. I have a bunch of Stardock programs that are absolutely essential and far more important than a Microsoft fix for a mess they themselves made.

      • #2373446

        I run Stardock Start 10 and Fences, both of which work fine after the updates.

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    • #2373436

      Are there any suggestions regarding the .NET patches released in June? I’m on 20H2 Home and I was initially offered KB5003254 (“regular” CU), then KB5003537 (Preview CU) showed up and superseded the earlier.

      According to my update history the last .NET patch installed dates back to February: is there anything worth an installation of one of these June .NET patches (i.e. security fixes) or is it safe to skip them atm? As far as I understand, there are no security fixes, but before I skip these updates I’d like to hear from you, thanks!

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    • #2373532

      Can News be disabled before the Updates?

      Or do the keys not exist yet and would be overwritten anyway?

      Are there News server connections that can be prevented from ever being established in the first place?

      I have several PC to update and was just wondering on the sequence to use.

    • #2373610

      June patches installed with no problems to report on Win 8.1.  🙂

      Installation Successful: Windows successfully installed the following update: 2021-06 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB5003671)

      Installation Successful: Windows successfully installed the following update: 2021-06 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2, 4.8 for Windows 8.1 for x64 (KB5003781)

      Group "A"- Win 8.1 x64
      Win 10 ver. 22H2 x64

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      • #2373612

        So apparently only the Security Only patch KB5003681 is causing problems with Defender? The Rollup KB5003671 leaves Defender still working? That seems a bit odd to me, but I’m not complaining since I’ll be installing the Rollup.

      • #2374327

        Updated 2 Win 8.1 computers last night. Same results as JD

    • #2373662

      Windows 10 Home 20H2 here, installed successfully without apparent issues the following June patches:
      – KB5003637 – 2021-06 Cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 20H2
      – KB890830 => Windows MSRT v5.90
      – various KBs => June Office 2013 patches.

      The stupid “News and Interests” thingy appeared on reboot and I disabled it using the .reg file provided by Susan. After another reboot, News and Interests was gone and I did not have tray icons disappear or any blurred icons, so for the time being I have not installed KB5003690

      Regarding .NET patches: in WuMgr I had marked as unhidden the 2021-06 .NET CU patch (KB5003254) and hidden the 2021-06 .NET Preview CU (KB5003537). Interestingly, WU did not download and install KB5003254, so it appears that while WuMgr can detect superseded patches to allow marking those as hidden/unhidden, WU will not download superseded patches. If anyone here thinks it’s worth to install KB5003254, I’ll do a manual install.

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    • #2373879

      As far as I understand, there are no security fixes, but before I skip these updates I’d like to hear from you, thanks!

      There IS a security fix for this month for .Net. I just installed 5.0.7 (June update) on my Windows 10 ver 2004 computer from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet.

    • #2373886

      Windows 10 Pro 2004 updated yesterday.  It took about a half-hour to get my computer to respond to a mouse command in anything like a reasonable manner.  I did a little work and turned it off.

      Today it has been slow for over an hour and a half.  My SSD C; Drive is “spinning” constantly and has been for all this time.  It is slow, very slow, painfully slow.

      Am I alone?  When will it end?   Should I expect this to persist?

      • #2374006

        Right click on the Task Bar and run Task Manager.
        What process is using CPU and disk?

        cheers, Paul

        • #2374079

          I had the task manager open, watching it carefully.  It appeared to be random activity taking up barely 16% of the CPU.  I have not idea what was going on at that time.  The solution was to restart my computer two times.  Each reboot took about 15 minutes.  The third reboot revealed my computer working properly.

          I think this is just another way those youthful coders at Windows are utterly ignorant of their customers.  A simple message stating I needed to update my computer, and it would take a while, would have been appreciated.

          When Apple updates my iPhone 11, it does so quickly although there are fairly frequent updates.  They let me choose when to update.  It rarely takes over 15 minutes.  I am not sure this is a fair comparison, but the Windows team could do a whole lot better than they are doing now.

    • #2374099

      So, I am now on day 3 of waiting for June updates. Windows 10 Pro 20H2.  I have my GP Edit settings as per recommendations on this forum – (Preview build to Semi-annual channel 1 day deferral,  Quality updates normally set to 30, which I changed to 0 three days ago, target feature set to 20H2).  This morning I received only Defender update.  Should it take this long for June update to show up?  I’ve got trigger finger and want to click “Check for Updates” : d  I can de-install anything I don’t want – but should I just wait??? thanks. Donna

      • #2374330

        Run WUmgr and select any updates you want to install.
        Dump WU.

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    • #2374376

      For the last couple days I’ve been trying to install KB5003671 on a Win 8.1 Pro (32-bit) system.  But the update keeps failing repeatedly with Error Code 80071A30.  I ran into this same problem once in the past with KB4525243 (see #2016762).  And the only solution I found at that time was to try reinstalling the update multiple times until eventually (on the 4th attempt) it finally installed successfully.

      Since that incident (which was back in Dec 2019) I’ve had no problems at all with this system.  Each month I’ve been using Windows Update to download and install the updates just fine — up thru and including last month (the May 2021 updates).  And even yesterday (6/27/2021) I successfully installed the Windows MSRT (KB890830).  But KB5003671 just continually fails with Error 80071A30.

      My web searches have turned up very little info about this particular error.  Most of the advice I can find is ancient history from more than 10 years ago — mostly relating to Vista or Win 2000.  I can’t seem to locate any info relating to Win 8.1.

      If anyone has some advice on how to get past that error 80071A30 and get KB5003671 installed successfully on Win 8.1 I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

    • #2375447

      Windows 10 Pro 20H2 updated successfully today with the June CU KB5003637 and haven’t had any issues so far. Winver is now 19042.1052. I was offered KB4023057 again but hid it again; I wasn’t offered an MSRT or .NET update.

      I turned off News and Interests using the right-click on the taskbar method and rebooted. I had downloaded the preview KB5003690 beforehand to have ready in case of any problems, but so far the other taskbar icons are OK.

      Printing is working fine with my Brother printer.

      Thanks to everyone here for all the information and advice for getting through another month of patching.

      Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3
      Group A:
      Win7 Pro x64 SP1 Haswell, 0patch Pro, dual boot with Linux
      Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1 Ivy Bridge, 0patch Pro
      Win 10 Pro x64 v21H2 Ivy Bridge, dual boot with Linux

    • #2375606

      Anyone with Windows 8.1 plus installed June 2021 updates for Group B having issues with Windows Defender? Any workarounds for this issue?


      Currently Windows Defender is broken after installing June 2021 updates today 7/4/21. It was working fine before that. I am unable to turn on real time monitoring.

      • #2375608

        You’ll have to install the cumulative (not security only) as a workaround.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

        • #2375609

          Thanks for that. But I am in Group B and do not want MS telemetry on my computer. I will not install a cumulative. Is there any other work around?



          Edit: I just heard from other Windows 8.1 user that uninstall the update solves the issues. I will have to mark it as bad update in my Download folder in order to never user it if I ever have to reinstall Windows 8.1.

          • #2375610

            @PKCano. please add this info about patch breaking Defender in the topic  for Group B . This way others will either avoid it or no install it.


            I am uninstall the patch now and will see if issue is fixed. See you in 15 minutes once computer reboots.

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            • #2375647

              I have added the caution to AKB2000003 for June SO KB5003681.

          • #2375613

            When the July patches come out I would try installing the June and then adding on the July.  There are other ways to block telemetry including blocking firewall settings.

            Susan Bradley Patch Lady

    • #2380341

      I am Win10/Pro, 20H2 I usually wait for MS-DEFCON to get to 3+ before I install updates. I installed the Patch Tuesday June CU for 20H2 KB5003637 on June 28, so I am currently on Build 109042.1052. I just checked installed updates to see where I am today, and I see that the SSU installed on the same day was SSU 10.0.19041.1022.

      My question is not about 19041 vs 19042. It’s about the 1022. In the past, this number in the SSU has matched the number in the build. But, for the June CU, the Build says 1052, but the SSU says 1022.

      Up to today (July 27), KB5003637 (June) is the last CU that I have installed. Isn’t the last number in the SSU supposed to be the same as the last number in the Build?

      I ask because I am getting ready to install the July CU, since MS-DEFCON is 4, and I wonder if the same thing is going to happen … the last number in the Build does not match the last number in the SSU.

    • #2380427

      the Build says 1052, but the SSU says 1022.

      2004 = 20H2 = 21H1 so SSU version number doesn’t change.

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