• MS EDGE crashes within 10 seconds after September update.

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    Computers:  Home built desktop, MS Surface Pro

    WINDOWS 10 PRO 64 BIT 21H2

    Primary browser MS EDGE

    After doing this month’s updates, MS EDGE opens and runs normally for about 10 seconds and then closes, on both machines.  Running with all extensions disabled does not help.  Doing a full system restore (Acronis) does restore normal operation, but after updates the problem returns.  Google Chrome works normally.

    Have done a scan with resident antivirus, and two demand scans with different programs, but both computers come up clean.

    I can block updates in the short term, but has anyone had a similar issue and found a fix, or which update is responsible?  Google turns up some hits, but most are months or several years old.

    Of course, switching to Chrome is also an option, but not a desirable one.  At least in the short run.  🙂


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      Do you by any chance have used shutup10?  If you haven’t updated it, there was a telemetry setting in Edge that would trigger the browser to close.

      Not seeing it here.  What extensions, what version of Edge?  Anything in the event viewer?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

    • #2483154

      “deleting the key MetricsReportingEnabled under


      Can you see if there is anything under that registry key?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

      • #2483157

        Not using SHUTUP10 or any similar program.

        Extentions:  Adblock, Roboform Password Manager, and Microsoft Editor.  All disabled.

        Nothing jumps out at me from the Event Viewer, though I readily admit that is at the edge of my skill level.

        “deleting the key MetricsReportingEnabled under Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge”

        The is no “Edge” key below Microsoft.





        • #2483167

          What antivirus?

          Have you tried to reinstall Edge over the top?

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady

          • #2483171

            Norton 360  I have disabled it, but not actually removed it.  Just tried reinstalling Edge, but no help.  Still closed in about 10 seconds.

            • #2483182

              And just to be sure you are talking about the 9/13 updates not any preview patches dated after that, correct?

              Susan Bradley Patch Lady

            • #2483252

              Yes, the 9/13 offered updates, no “seeking.”  I did, before rolling back, try the preview in desperation, but no help there.  The version of Edge is 105.0.1343.53 (Official build) (64-bit).

            • #2483587

              You didn’t move any user folders/cache folders to another drive?

              Susan Bradley Patch Lady

            • #2483630

              No.  I checked the virtual memory settings, and it is being handled by the system, with every thing on the C drive.

            • #2483701

              And to add, I looked for some other places such as the tmp and temp variables.  They all point to the normal drives which they have been using for literally years.

    • #2483688

      Just FYI,

      I also have Edge 105.0.1343.53 and installed September’s KB5017308 CU update and KB5017500 .NET update (which contains KB5017022 & KB5017025) on both of my Win10 Pro 64 bit PC’s and so does my Uncle on all 6 of his Win10 PC’s and Edge doesn’t shutdown when used on any of them.

      So “something” is interfering with Edge on your system but it’s not necessarily the whole update  — maybe just a specific item that’s being updated?

      Bearing in mind the CU update installed a new Servicing Stack which cannot be uninstalled (even with a rollback), do you have a image backup you could use to restore everything back to where it was before you installed the updates?

      BTW, that MetricsReportingEnabled registry entry can actually be in two “different” locations in the registry.



      So you should also check the HKLM branch to ensure it’s not there either.

      • #2483698


        Thanks for the input.  The HKLM did have a branch for Edge, but it was for a “Webwidget” with the value “0” showing.

        When I said “rollback” I was imprecise.  Sorry!  I backup daily using Acronis, and so have a full image to restore.  So everything was replace with the earlier version which of course solved the problem, temporarily.

        This seems to be a very unusual problem.  Otherwise The Patch Lady (TPL) would have known about it. The fact that is happening on two very different machines, both mine, means there is some very obscure interaction between another piece of software common to both machines, or some obscure setting.

        I have already tried by removing the easy stuff from starting up.  Time permitting, I am going to experiment with variation of clean boot using other tools.  I have Chrome running for minimal use, but as you know, it is never as simple as just using the import function.  😉




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      Tonight when I grabbed my Android phone to use Edge, after 5-10 seconds, it closed with the following message:  “Something went wrong with Edge.  Edge closed because this app has a bug.  Try updating this app after its developer provides a fix for this error.”  Both the Chrome and DuckDuckGo apps work perfectly.

      I am cursed.  That is the only possible explanation.  😉


      • #2483962

        No my guess is there is something /some app you have syncing between all of the browsers.  I would remove all extensions from the browser.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

        • #2483965

          The Android version of Edge doesn’t support extensions.  The app was updated today at 1208 PM, which partially explains why it was working in the morning, but not now.

          I have started the Windows version with all extensions disabled, but it closes just the same.  I haven’t had much luck in actually uninstalling them in the 5-10 seconds available.  🙂

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            Have you uninstalled and reinstalled edge?

            Susan Bradley Patch Lady

            • #2484042

              Not yet.  As you know, MS considers it part of Windows, so you cannot use the standard removal method.  It can be removed, at least temporarily using other methods and programs, but I have been holding off on that.  I will try that later today on my secondary computer.

            • #2484065

              Do you use a 3rd party app to divert Edge to another default browser like ‘MSEdgeRedirect’ ?

            • #2484098

              I had to research that a bit to be certain, but definitely not.  Thanks for the idea, though.

            • #2484122

              Try RevoUninstaller Free which allows an uninstall of Microsoft Edge:

              Carpe Diem {with backup and coffee}
              offline▸ Win10Pro 2004.19041.572 x64 i3-3220 RAM8GB HDD Firefox83.0b3 WindowsDefender
              offline▸ Acer TravelMate P215-52 RAM8GB Win11Pro 22H2.22621.674 x64 i5-10210U SSD Firefox106.0 MicrosoftDefender
              online▸ Win11Pro 22H2.22621.819 x64 i5-9400 RAM16GB HDD Firefox108.0b7 MicrosoftDefender
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              Great program.  I have the pro version, and if necessary, will use that.   Knock on wood, it looks like that might not be necessary.

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      The fact Edge now crashes on two completely different devices using two completely different operating systems would seem to indicate your problem isn’t the Windows updates but something being shared between the two different versions of Edge.

      Did you enable Edge’s “built-inSync feature on your PC and Phone to allow them to share bookmarks, cookies, history, etc.?

      If so, you would’ve also needed to enable Sync in your Microsoft Account in order for it to work.

      If this is the case, the data being shared between them (which is stored “somewhere” in Microsoft’s cloud) could have become corrupt and is causing the crashes you’re experiencing.

      First thing you should try and fix this would be to login to your Microsoft Account and disable sync to see if that stops the crashes.

      If it doesn’t, then disable sync in the Edge browser on both devices which, unfortunately, can only be done if Edge is actually up and running!

      For your PC, you can do this by reverting Win10 back to the condition where Edge works and then turn it off.

      For your Android phone, you’ll need to roll Edge back to the previous version so it doesn’t crash and then turn it off.

        How to Roll Back to an Older Version of an App on Android

      If you get Edge working again, then try updating everything on both devices and see if Edge continues to work?

      If it does, then setup sync between your PC and phone once again and verify Edge still works on both devices.

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        Progress, and maybe success.  While I was trying to get back to sleep, I decided to uninstall Edge from my phone, then reinstall it.  Of course, I declined the sync option, and Edge worked fine.  Having a fix, I turned syncing back on, and it has been working for 5+ hours using the current vision of Edge.

        After I got alejr’s post, it occurred to me that if there is a syncing issue, if it couldn’t sync it wouldn’t crash.  (Not strictly rigorous thinking, but worth a shot.)  I disconnected the cable from the desktop, and sure enough, Edge stayed open.  This allowed me to access the settings at my leisure and turn off syncing. With internet restored, no syncing, things are back to normal, with extensions enabled.

        I am going to leave everything as it is for a day or so before turning the desktop syncing back on, or working with the Surface tablet. It is rarely used these days, so even if restoring syncing can’t be done right now, there is no real loss.

        There are bits and pieces of suggestions here from several people, and I thank you all for getting me to this place.



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          There are 9 options under the Sync setting.  By incrementally enabling them, I have found that only the Favorites choice causes a problem.  For my usage, a trivial issue.  Something I can check monthly, or after an update, to see if it has fixed itself.  Or perhaps I will stumble over a fix while looking for something else.  Again, thanks all for your patience and input.

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