• MS365-Word Bug?


    Is there a bug in Word (MS365)?

    When I start a numbered list it works fine until the number 10.  Then the following space is what appears to be 5 characters long, not 1 or 2, as it would be if I were in items numbered 1-9.  I can readjust it on the ruler, but I shouldn’t have to.  How do I report it to MS?

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      It’s the way the numbering style is setup in Word.

      What I do is click on the numbering item in the Ribbon and then add 2 or 3 dummy items. Select those lines.

      Then,place a Decimal Tab right over top of the indent marker on the ruler.

      As you can see when you add the tenth and eleventh item they line up nicely. HTH

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        One thing I found that worked for me, was to use the single digit format for lining things up and then use the format painter to copy the  “correct” formatting to the incorrect lines.


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