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    I hope this isn’t too stupid a question, but I have been searching the internet for days without finding a good answer. I read in two or three places that, in Windows 8, one can have only one program or document displayed or visible on the screen at any one time. One source said that MS should change the name of the OS from Windows to Window. At my work pc, running Windows 7, I have 2 monitors and almost always have several docs displaying at the same time (for example, 2 or 3 Word docs or perhaps a Word doc, an Excel file, and an Outlook email. Is this possible in Win 8? I’ve been told no. If this is correct, Win 8 would be a serious step backward for productivity. In my little corner of the world, I don’t know anyone running Win 8 so am unable to verify. I did look at a pc running W8 in an office supply store. IE was open in a maximized screen (that is, taking up the full screen) and I could find no way to “restore” the window (that is, make it a resizable window taking up a partial screen). The sales person couldn’t either. It was more like a giant smartphone than a Windows pc. Could someone please point me toward some answers. It’s hard to believe that MS would cripple its OS like this. Thanks.


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      Google shows some information about Windows Snap which is I believe what you are describing. This is a means of having 2 Win 8 Style apps open.

      Of course on the desktop, you can have as many apps open as in Win XP or Win 7.

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      What your description refers to was the Metro interface which only allow one window except for the snap feature Ted described and is common in all mobile OS’s that Metro was designed to emulate. The Windows 8 desktop will allow just as many multiple windows as previous Windows systems like Windows 7.


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      I hope they help and answer some of your question.

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      And you have to use the desktop version of the software, not an app version because as soon as you click on an app version it will open up full screen on the metro screen, necessitating a switch back to the desktop screen to get back to the other windowed desktop applications.

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      I haven’t seen Windows RT yet, does it have a desktop? Or is it Metro only?

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      Windows RT has a rudimentary desktop that only Microsoft can install applications to (Like Office). As a user, you can’t install any Windows Applications, only Metro Apps.


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      From what I’ve heard about practical use, it’s almost mandatory to have mouse and keyboard when on the RT desktop; maybe a stylus would work fairly well too. Unless one has the daintiest of fingers, touch isn’t too useful.

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