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    ONENOTE By Mary Branscombe Once you get all your useful information into OneNote, there are some ways to make things go faster. For a long time, one o
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      Thank you Mary, that explains some nice tips.

      But I simply don’t understand why anyone would use OneNote.  What does it do that can’t be done better in other ways?



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        I use OneNote extensively. I had various small text files with various bits of info (for me) scattered around my folders. I also used Noteplus++ for bits of information as well – if you create a new tab it doesn’t disappear when you close it – so I had new1 to newx – where x was a (sometimes a large) number. I’ve collated them all in OneNote so I now know where they are. Perhaps someone more organised than me could do it differently. I’ve watched some OneNote vids on YouTube and there it’s way more powerful than how I’m using it , so I’m on a learning curve.

        YMMV as people say – perhaps give it a whirl, but if you’ve got something better then let us know.

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