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    So, I have three Lenovo computers. I had two Win 10 computers and was afraid to upgrade them to Win 11. Afraid. But I wanted to get my feet wet in Win 11 so I bought a Win 11 machine. No problems. I upgraded it to Win 11 23H2. Now, finally I got my nerve up and converted one of the Win 10 computers to 23H2. No problems. The last machine was the one with my printer and scanner so I was afraid to touch it. Afraid. I need to be able to use the scanner and print material for my tax work. With the good previous results I fearfully got my nerve up and upgraded this last machine to 23H2. So far, so far, no problems.

    I just check O.S. stats and Win 10 far exceeds Win 11 even though Win 11 has been out for a while and has gone through several iterative O.S. updates.

    The question is, why are we left so afraid of the software from the worlds most powerful computer company?

    Apple you might suggest? Too simplistic and controlling for real power users. That is why “In the second quarter of 2023, “Apple shipped 13.3 percent of all PC units in the United States”, but in the world “has seized 31.34% share.”

    Linux? Do not get me started. Not for ordinary people.

    We are stuck with Microsoft.
    I can only hope things continue to run smoothly.

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      The question is, why are we left so afraid of the software from the worlds most powerful computer company?

      Well it depends on every sigle person what is holding them back.. Mostly its empirical, that upgrades may break something, some of your settings, etc.. Patches are also not 100% tested on these myriads of different configs. They go through the preview update ring, then after “debugged” are released for regular users, who are not in the preview channel. So people are testing, its not done internally, but publicly.

      Not saying its completely “changes for the sake of changes”, but sometimes it just looks like something needs to be developped, just to say “were working on it”.

      Linux? Do not get me started. Not for ordinary people.

      Maybe not suitable for all, but you should adjust your opinion, since GNU/Linux is not only for keyboard gurus as before. Most distros offer self-installing packages for software, that you can easily download and run by doubleclicking them. Also its usually free and driven by large communities. But I respect your opinion. I only can recommend you to try some distro, so you could see its fully functional.
      Because unless you step out of your comfort zone you be

      ..stuck with Microsoft

      Its up to you.

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      as to the one with your printers you may find it useful to unplug the (if) USB and then re-install the full printer driver set. YMMV. I had to on the P1606 but not yet on the M254. Maybe only older printers?

      If you image with something like terabyte before you do any update/upgrade, then there is no need to fear. Without that, I do indeed fear.

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