• Need help with an excel formula


    I need help with a formula.  I attached the spreadsheet for reference. I need to do multiple vlookups to a periodic table and multiply and add all the numbers for several vlookups and it needs to be all in one formula.  Please take a look at my file attached.  Is there a better function I need to use?


    Thank you in advance!

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      Doing all that in one formula is probably asking for trouble. Using a helper cell or two will make it much easier to write / test / maintain.

      cheers, Paul

      p.s. no attachment showing. Try zipping it up and attaching.

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        Hi, agree with PaulT, try splitting up, in my case it’s usually inserting columns, into simpler formulas.  You can always hide / group unnecessary columns after you’re done and it makes things easier when someone else is auditing your work.

        Take care,

        IT Manager Geek

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        Thank you.  That worked.

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