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    not really any good solution, other than sites like visto for sharing.

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      What, you don’t want to shell out the cash for Exchange?! grin

      Would a web based, externally hosted solution do? It’s tough all over for sites that previously offered free or very low charge mail, calendaring, etc. as they generally made their money from ads placed on the pages – no ad budget, no free, web based services. But I’ve played around with Intranets.com, and they’ve seemed decent enough. $20/month for 4 user and $5/mo for each additional. Maybe not what you need, but beats the heck of of an Exchange license!

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      well, in addition to shane’s suggestion of intranets.com, there are other similar sites. I think there is a list at http://www.slipstick.com. There are also hosted exchange servers, commonly known as ASPs. A few cost about $10 per mailbox per month, others are higher. They’ll do everything for you.

      To the setup question, it’s not hard to set up exchange server, but it’s not as easy as installing office. More like installing NT – which it requires BTW. It’s not appropriate to install it on a workstation that is used as a workstation, it needs to be on it’s own machine. (you can convert a workstation, you don’t *need* to buy new hardware). i’m pretty sure it needs win2k server software – you can figure on spending a few hours installing it and getting it set up, then a few more doing exchange. It’s not all that techinial, more like hurry up and wait. grin You need to have some understanding of DNS, DCHP, IIS and all that server stuff – or a good book.

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        Create a SharePoint site and share either contacts or the calendar

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          Sharepoint is not really an answer – they say they can share contacts, but there is no way to import/export from outlook. I suggested they at least add the capability of saving as vcards & vcals but i don’t represent enough “seats”. It is clear the sharepoint dev team doesn’t have a clue about what non-exchange users need for sharing.

          there are two sharepoints – the team services for small groups (comes with office xp) and the server for large groups. i believe the server is more expensive than exchange server.

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      I believe that they will be available using a browser. They spoke about this at the XP Launch event I attended.

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