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    A few months back we began to have trouble with a .NET update that was pushed out. The computers ran poorly and many couldn’t get Outlook to stay open. Kept crashing. Happened on Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro computers. OS didn’t seem to matter.

    I’ve been using wushowhide.diagcab to hide the .NET update as one is release but it won’t show the .NET release until it’s too late. Seems they renumber each month. Same problems; no improvement on our end. I have to find and uninstall it from the test computer (mine), reboot, open windows updates, stop windows updates quickly, run the utility, and hide the update. Cross fingers I did it fast enough.

    Am I alone in this? Will I ever be able to get a .NET update again that doesn’t bug out my computers?

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      Specifically which .NET updaates seem to be causing the problem?
      Is it the Patch Tues Security .NET CUs, the (“C,” “D,” “E”) Preview .NET patches or both?
      We have found the Preview patches hard to control/prevent from installing on Win10.

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      Yes, the patch Tuesday ones. Most recently KB4580419. Last month it was KB4578968 and before that KB4576478.

      If only there was something I do about it so the update could roll. I need to get more Win 10 Pro upgrades done by end of the year. I’m under the gun and heading back to working from home on top of it.

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        2004 or 20H2?  What exactly is crashing?  I’m not seeing interactions with .net here but it may be specific to an application or something you have installed?

        What a/v?

        What specifically crashes?  An app?  Explorer?

        Up to date on bios updates?/video card updates?

        Anything in the event logs?

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      What version of .NET are you trying to update? I’m running Win 10 Pro (1909) and have been running and updating .NET 3.5 & 4.8 for months without issues. I have no record of the KB#s you listed. I installed the following updates: for August = 4569751, for September = 4576484 and for October = 4578974. Have not seen November’s yet.

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      Installed November updates on 20H2

      .NET KB4578968
      .NET KB4576478
      .NET CU KB4580419

      No problems.

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      I’m sorry for posting enough information. My anxiety is running high. There’s only me as their IT and my focus is scattered on too many fires. They took to long to make a decision and choose to only upgrade these old 2014 computers. They are HP EliteDesk 800 G1 small towers and SFF all purchased at the same time. I’ve kept the drivers generally up to date. They run Windows 7. The problem with the .NET rollup started I believe in September on three computers that morning. It happened during patch week and I heard to avoid the .NET update, saw it was installed on theirs, uninstalled it, reboot, and the problem was gone.

      Not long after I found it happening on others and on my computer too. My computer was also one of those HP EliteDesk 800 G1 but one that had been upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 2004. The only thing in common is the hardware so it could very well could be the hardware. I was hopeful the October or NOvember update would fix whatever caused the hassle in September but they didn’t. I’m at full stop now on upgrading more of those Windows 7 computers until I sort this out.

      Put on top of that the state pushing us back to work from home. Mine a tiny home with 6 of us, 3 generations, and health issues. I’d prefer to be at the office. For sure. But I’m here sitting at my desk next to the front door. As close to out the door as I can get.

      This morning I have another Windows 7 computer behaving the way I saw them last before but could be something else. Didn’t get November updates. Last updates were in October. Still sifting through the ashes. Network adapter acting up, Outlook opens but crashes soon as you try to do something in it. Rebooting doesn’t help. Stuck on Please wait on reboot now. Will have to force off next and hope it comes back. The only spares I have are the Windows 10 upgrades I’m still sorting out. She may have to receive one if I can’t get this one to come back.

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        If you can get updated h/w drivers (especially video, sound, and network) from the OEM, do so.
        Also, if you are running Malwarebytes, try uninstalling it temporarily and see if that has an effect.

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          What she said.  When computers get feisty, take them back to the basics:  You didn’t indicate what version of Office but review for add ins and start Outlook in safe mode.  Does it still behave?

          As PK says pull off any third party antivirus for purposes of testing.

          It sounds like you have the ESU’s for Windows 7?

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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