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    What is Netbios for? Could I disable it if I wanted to without impacting my solo non-networked system?

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      NetBIOS is an older, “noisy” network protocol. If you’re standalone, I would definitely disable it. Even in a networked situation, NetBIOS offers little in the way of advantages, but alone….it offers none.

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      Do you mean NetBIOS or NetBEUI?

      Microsoft NetBEUI is a network protocol, which you definitely won’t need on a standalone PC. You add and remove it in the same way as other network protocols such as TCP/IP.

      NetBIOS is an API that some software uses to communicate with the network. It was originally used with NetBEUI but can also be used with TCP/IP (TCP/IP Properties > NetBIOS > “I want to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP”). You probably don’t need this either!


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        I meant NetBios. I’m running WIn2K Pro SP3. I tired to stop the running NetBios service so I could then disable it. But the system won’t allow me to do this (I was not logged on at the time and just did a reboot).

        This is the driver file:

        This is the message I get:
        Service refused to stop
        Error code is 997, “Overlapped I/O operation is in progress.”

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