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  • Netgear AC1000 WiFi Router, Model R6080

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    For several years I have been using a Netgear Wireless-N 300 Router WNR2000 v2. It has worked well until recently – a week or two ago, the connection started dropping and re-establishing. And printing was not reliable. I downloaded and installed the latest firmware, but that didn’t seem to help.

    I found the Netgear AC1000 WiFi Router, Model R6080, on sale for US$39.99, so I bought it. I figured that if I entered all the same settings from the old router (they are both Netgear, so the setup screens are almost identical), everything would just work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get an internet connection.

    I called my ISP, and just as the tech came on the phone, things started working – my wife told me she was able to get on the internet. I could too on my computer. The tech agreed with me that apparently this router simply takes a while (45 minutes?) to finally get online.

    I had a similar delay with my work computer – it would not get online when connected via the new router, so I used the hotspot in my phone to connect. But I tried again at the end of the day and was able to connect via the new router with no problem.

    Once I got online and started surfing the web, I found that the connection was noticeably faster and more reliable – no more dropped connections! And no more printing problems! Other than the delay getting online at the beginning, I would give this router five stars.

    If you are having connectivity issues, and your router is getting pretty old (more than, say, five years old), you would probably fix all the issues simply by getting a new router. And right now, during the Christmas season, you can probably get a decent router at a good price.

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      One thing I didn’t mention above – if you change your router, you may have to then go to each of your wireless devices and update the wireless profile.

      My new router provides two wifi hotspots – 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz; my old router had only one – 2.4 Ghz. You can set up a new wireless profile on each wireless device to take advantage of the faster speed.

      It is also possible that changing the router will cause a device not to connect, one which did connect on the old router (for example, my Canon Pixma MX490 printer/scanner). You will have to create a new wireless profile on any such device.

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      with Windows 8.1 running in a VM
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      I went from a Netgear N300 to a Netgear AC1600 last year.

      The main difference was the dual band that you already described. Some older devices (wireless printers, media streamers) are still dependent on wireless N at 2.4GHz. But I use 5GHz for all of my wireless AC compliant devices where I can.

      But I had no delays in my LAN devices connecting to the internet.I usually go into router admin and release/renew my WAN connection and/or reset the modem if I’m having issues with getting to the ISP.

      That sounds a bit odd that it took that long to get online. Was that just a one time thing?

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        Yep, a one-time thing. And my work computer not connecting till later that day was also a one-time thing. (Of course, I connect via VPN to my job, so the additional security there may have had something to do with it.)

        It’s been about a week now, and I haven’t had any problems since the initial delay. My experience has been excellent since that initial delay.

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          Great to hear that you got it sorted! I am sold on Netgear routers for home use.

          Easy to configure, and see what’s connected.

          Plus when they issue a firmware update, it’s a pretty painless process to get the latest installed.

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