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    Are the ethernet ports on the Netgear Nighthawk Cable Modem CM1200 programable? Looking through the manual I see that you can connect via the ports from a computer using the I’m assuming that this is the private side addressing. I prefer to use a 10.10.xxx.xxx addressing for my home network. Can these ports be configured such?

    Reason I ask, I have Spectrum 400/20MBs connection. Connecting directly to the Spectrum Modem via Cat5e or Cat6 I can get those speeds, also, connecting the Spectrum modem to a network switch then out to mo printer, IP Phone and PC I still get 400MBS/20MBS. But, when I connect to the Netgear Router so I can have WiFi I can’t get faster than 200MBs/20MBS. I’ve tried 2 other Netgear Routers with no better results. On each, I’ve tried upgrading the Firmware, downgrading the Firmware and the results are the same.  I’m thinking that with the Netgear Modem connected to my PC with a 10.10.xxx.xxx address, then connecting one of the other ports to the router I’ll be able to have connectivity from my PC to my printer, my back-up pc and any other pc connected to wireless. Can this be done, or am I chasing a pipe-dream?



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      Sounds like a pipe dream to me.  10.x.x.x. will make no difference, it’s just an IP address.  🙂

      Are you measuring the internet speed over wireless or ethernet? Wireless may be half the ethernet rate.

      cheers, Paul

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        The reason I prefer 10.xxx.xxx.xxx is that most of the customers the company I work for service use a 192.168.xxx.xxx scheme and it has caused some problems for us, but I guess I can go with a 192.168.100.xxx scheme as none of them go that high. The big thing is that I’m just trying to avoid having my “workhorse” PC going through the Router as that slows my speed.

        The speed measurements I made were over ethernet.


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          The 192.168.xxx.xxx IP’s are all private addresses.

          That means they can not be accessed via the internet (i.e. you can not ping those addresses nor use a browser to visit them unless you’re directly connected to the same router those devices are using or the router has been setup to allow remote control access.)

          So it’d be possible for all the routers being used by every single person living on a particular street or in the same apartment building to be using the exact same 192.168.xxx.xxx IP scheme and none of their devices will interfere with each other.

          In fact, the majority of the routers used by ISPs and sold commercially typically use as their “default” gateway address which means there are literally millions of people out there in the world using the exact same 192.168.1.xxx IP scheme.

          FYI, 10.xxx.xxx.xxx and 172.16.xxx.xxx – 172.31.xxx.xxx are two other private IP address ranges that are not accessible via the internet but, since they allow a “much larger” pool of devices to all be connected to the same router/switch (16,777,214 for the 10 IP range and 1,048,574 for the 172 IP range), they’re typically only used in business environments.

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      If you don’t get a resolution here on AW, you may wish to query at
      https://www.dslreports.com/forum/charter .
      Registration is free. There are lots of good discussions there; some do go off on rabbit trails at times.

      There are many other fora there too:
      https://www.dslreports.com/forums/all , one of which is
      https://www.dslreports.com/forum/netgear .

      One annoyance: the first topic that one clicks on, kicks to an ad.
      Back up (in the browser) and you’ll be back to the topics index.

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      You can do what you suggest with a Motorola modem/wifi combo, such as the Motorola – MT8733 32×8 DOCSIS 3.1 Modem + AX6000 router; I am not that familiar with the NetGear model you reference. They are comparably priced though, and I know Spectrum likes Motorola modems. The Motorola modem/router combo is programmable through its residential gateway login site.

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      use a 192.168.xxx.xxx scheme and it has caused some problems for us

      There is nothing special about that range that “causes problems”. Your issue is something else that you inadvertently fixed when you changed to 10.x.

      Reconnect one of the routers and put it in Bridge mode, then test. This will disable the router / firewall and turn the unit into a switch.

      200Mb/s is exactly half your previous rate. This seems like an odd number.
      Have you checked your cables?
      Run a speed test between your PCs with the switch and router to see if local speed is affected.
      8 free tools to test network speed.

      cheers, Paul

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