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  • New computer setting up – ‘Apps’ disappeared from Settings

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        AskWoody Plus

        Finally! Our 2 machines (Win 7 and 8.1) will be retired.

        Out of the box are 2 ‘new’ identical computers: HP Pavilion Desktops 570-p0XX. Win10 v.1607. (Bought 2 years ago, then life took over).

        1:  Starting with Computer 1, I’ve been working through recommendations in various threads: Susan Bradley’s First Steps, Setting up Windows 10 first Time and so on.

        All this while still offline with Local Account, no updating.

        I’ve uninstalled various apps I’ll never use, eg: solitaire etc. And ‘Gaming

        2:  Started working on Computer 2, following same procedure. That’s when I found problem on Comp 1.

        a) Comp 1 : Windows Settings … ‘Apps’ is no longer on page with System / Devices / Network & Internet / Personalisation / Accounts / Time & Language / Ease of Access / Privacy / Update & Security

        b) BUT if I go to System … the list Includes Apps & Features / Default Apps

        c) ALSO: in ‘Start’ the ‘Show app list in Start Menu’ has disappeared.

        d)  I was about to do a back up, but had not. Nor had I enabled System Restore.

        Argh.  So, what to do?

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        AskWoody MVP

        a.) Apps & features were part of System a long time ago. I can’t find when they were separated. If you update to a current version you should get the separate entry.

        b.) Yes. See above.

        c.) Check Settings | Personalization | Start to make sure the app list is enabled.


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        I think you should stop trying to adjust v1607 because, as soon as you connect to the Internet, Windows 10 will kick all your careful adjustments to pieces.

        If you are are not connecting to the Internet, by all means stay with v1607. But there are several later versions with another due out soon. A recent post on here recommended v2004 (IIRC) and provided a Microsoft link. Find that version and download the iso to a USB memory stick. Use that to update your system (but stay off-line until you have finished setting up).

        Many will recommend that you take a backup of your current system before updating but I think you would be wasting your time. Your current system is an old one; don’t waste time on it!

        • #2345712

          v20H2 according to my notes.  Sorry!

      • #2345859
        AskWoody Plus

        Many thanks to Anonymous. Further to the comments above, I’m still offline and still not updated.  I’m taking all this very slowly, to get used to new ‘environment’.

        Today, is back up day.  I downloaded a Windows 10 installation media tool to a USB flash drive. And am currently doing an Image Backup …. which is taking FOREVER.


        a)  when doing the USB download, it just said Windows 10 Home. Not which version. Is there anyway to tell?

        b)  if it is the most recent version, as of Feb 23, shouldn’t that be v20H2? But how can I check?

        c)  As stated before, current version is 1607. Are there any prerequisites to install before going up to v20H2?

        I think that’s it for now. Thanks so much!

      • #2345955
        Paul T
        AskWoody MVP

        See this post for version determination.

        The only requirement before an upgrade is a tested image backup. 🙂

        cheers, Paul

        • #2346030
          AskWoody Plus

          Thank you, Paul T.
          Very useful website and not one that I’ve seen before. Another good resource.
          See below for what I found…  looks like an old version, several steps down the ladder. So.... wondering how best to upgrade. I’m used to Win 8.1, Group A and hiding things I don’t want. This is a Brave New World! As of yet, I’ve not even gone online.
          Should I:
          a)  connect and allow Windows Update to do it’s thing?
          b) are there prerequisites to worry about? Given I’m leapfrogging over several versions.
          c)  try to get an ISO for the current version?

          Thanks again. Much appreciated.

          Index : 1
          Name : Windows 10 Home
          Description : Windows 10 Home
          Size : 15,489,142,996 bytes
          WIM Bootable : No
          Architecture : x64
          Hal : acpiapic
          Version : 10.0.19041
          ServicePack Build : 631
          ServicePack Level : 0
          Edition : Core
          Installation : Client
          ProductType : WinNT
          ProductSuite : Terminal Server
          System Root : WINDOWS
          Directories : 23928
          Files : 95308
          Created : 19/11/2020 – 03:01:05
          Modified : 23/02/2021 – 11:14:00
          Languages :
          en-US (Default)

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          • #2346222
            Paul T
            AskWoody MVP

            That ISO is fine – version 19041 is 2004. No rush to move to 20H2.

            To update, either set TRV using Susan’s reg file, or disconnect from the internet mount the ISO and run setup.exe from it.
            There are no prerequisites / things to do in Windows.

            cheers, Paul

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      • #2346012

        Another, possibly easier, way would be to use the “winver” command. Simply right click the start menu icon and then select the “Run” command. Now, in the resulting box, simply type “winver” without the quotes and hit Enter. You can also try using the Search box to find and run the winver command. Either way, the resulting window will give you the OS version and build number, as well as telling you who it’s licensed to, but will not directly tell you if its Home or Pro, nor will it tell you if your OS is 32 or 64 bit.

        To find out if your OS is 32 or 64 bit, use the “System” app that, on version 1607, should still reside in the “good ol'” Control Panel. That may also tell you if your OS edition is Home or Pro as well. To get Windows to show it to you without digging around, simply launch Control Panel and then in the upper right area of the Control Panel window just above the listings, there should be a drop-down type of box that has the words “View by:” right next to it. Select the “Large tiles” option and then scroll down the window’s contents until you see the “System” icon and then double click it.

        Being Home or Pro makes a difference when it comes to the ability to tell Windows Update just how you want to get your OS updates. But, that’s a subject for another thread, not this one.  🙂

        One final note: The currently recommended version of Windows 10 on here is 2004. Once you get 1607 set up to your liking and backed up to your liking as well, then and only then is the time to migrate it to 2004. There are many knowledgeable folks here who can guide you through the upgrade from 1607 to 2004, and, since it is Windows we’re talking about, there are a few different ways to successfully accomplish the upgrade, each with it’s own tricky spots.

        • #2346044
          AskWoody MVP

          The question here was how to find the version number of a downloaded ISO, not the currently running Windows 10.

      • #2346259
        AskWoody Plus

        Thanks for the speedy reply!

        So, I am still offline. (In fact I’ve yet to connect this machine at all).

        1)  I have an image backup. Just now I created a system restore point.

        2)  Started the ISO process as per instructions above.  All made sense. Then, this came up …
        “What needs your attention. Continuing with the installation of will change your display. To change it back, you’ll need to reinstall the language pack.”

        Is this a problem?

        I’ve gone back and back and exited the set up successfully.  I don’t want to create problems inadvertently!

        Many thanks.

        • #2346274
          Paul T
          AskWoody MVP

          Language pack is a very minor change. It means you don’t have “standard” US English.

          You have a backup, go for it!

          cheers, Paul

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      • #2346322
        AskWoody Plus


        Things seem to be working properly and I’ve also gone through the Privacy settings. Everything was turned ‘on’ again, of course.

        Thankfully, Win10 is beginning to feel more familiar and make more sense.

        Next up is repeating all this on Computer 2. Lucky I made a list!

        Then … it’ll be following Susan Bradley’s advice re: accounts (still only Local), going online, installing Microsoft 365, Thunderbird, dealing with networking and so on.

        I’ll continue to research here and if I have questions, I’ll start a new thread.

        In the meantime, HUGE THANKS to Paul T and the others who took the time to add their thoughts. I can’t see those other replies now, but they are much appreciated… as others have been over the years. The advice is so good, but I also value the support, which boosts the confidence of folks like me.


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