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    I’m getting a new computer and I’d like to start out with what I really need and get rid of what I don’t need. Is there a place to find that information? Or do I just wait for replies for help?

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      Hello, Karen!

      To start out with, people need to know what you will be doing with your computer… and your budget…?

      For example, if you are just surfing the internet, checking e-mail, and shopping on-line, a Chromebook would be fine.

      If you are needing to run specific programs, their needs may determine the specs you need.

      What is it you expect from your computer?

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      I will be surfing, using MSOffice Personal, Photoshop, Gmail. I have access to Webroot. Thank you for your reply

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      I wouldn’t put webroot on anything. Expires and you lose internet. Uninstall? Lots of luck with that!

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      Photoshop is going to need the most resources. It says the minimum is 2 GB RAM, but W10 doesn’t run well on less than 8 GB. If you want W10 and Photoshop to run well, I’d look at 16 GB RAM.

      Photos can fill up storage… and you are going to want the speed of an SSD drive… so get a bigger, rather than smaller, SSD drive.

      Photoshop is going to make demands on your machine… and you will not be happy with its performance on the minimum specs. Look to meet or go higher than the recommended specs. Minimum system requirements for Photoshop

      Adobe has listed tested graphics cards… but pay attention to the list of cards it no longer supports.

      Any computer that meets the requirements for Photoshop will work fine for your other needs.

      You might also check out how repairable a certain computer is, once you’ve narrowed down your selection. There are some laptops that are sealed, and you cannot even replace the battery yourself.

      Photoshop can be used with Windows or Mac… do you have an operating system preference?

      When working with photos, whether on Photoshop or Gimp or other program, you are going to want screen space… a nice big screen. There may be specs for a screen that someone with more knowledge in that area could help with…

      Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      I agree with Elly – go with 16 GB of RAM. Any less and your computer will struggle when working in Photoshop. In fact, with high-demand programs such as Photoshop, it wouldn’t hurt to go above 16 GB of RAM. You could go with 32 GB. But I think you would be fine with 16 GB, if your computer can expand to more memory in the future.

      As for a big screen, go to a computer store and look at the monitors they have there, so you can see the picture quality. They may have a really big, good quality monitor on sale. About a year ago I picked up a nice 27″ monitor at Office Depot – it was a close out, and I got the last one – the display model. It was marked down $60 from the original price.

      Elly mentioned an SSD – I just picked up a 480 GB Sandisk SSD at Office Depot for $60! 480 won’t be enough to store all of your Photoshop documents; if you are going to get a desktop computer, you can get a 2nd hard drive that is really big for storing your Photoshop stuff and other data. The SSD will be for Windows – in that way you will have your fastest drive for the operating system.

      An advantage to keeping your data on a 2nd drive is that if you ever have to reinstall Windows, you won’t overwrite your data, because it is on a different drive.

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      For photo editing I would also recommend an IPS panel for your LCD screen vs. TN (the most common and cheapest). The viewing angle and color reproduction of IPS is far superior. You need to search using IPS in your query when shopping, else most of the results will be TN.


      For photo editing and desktop productivity I also prefer 16:10 ratio, rather than 16:9. While the latter is fine for movies or games, I like extra vertical pixels, such as 1920 x 1200, rather than 1920 X 1080.

      I am currently using this one, which is very nice and factory calibrated for color accuracy:

      ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV 24.1” WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 16:10 Monitor, 100% sRGB, IPS


      There is also a 27″ model for even more pixels, but haven’t tried that. The 24″ fit my budget better! No regrets!



      Windows 10 Pro 22H2

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      Perhaps consider using the built-in W10 security solutions which are integrated and don’t expire. See https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/comprehensive-security

      Win8.1/R2 Hybrid lives on..
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        Thanks for the help. I’m not tech proficient so can’t go that route. Have considered a second hard drive, but expensive.

        So much help. I’m absorbing it all. This place is awesome. Thanks to all

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      A second hard drive, even a small spinning-disk one is highly recommended as a place to store your data, documents and photos SEPARATE (physically) from your System drive; I also agree with the 16 GB RAM.

      The Windows Defender (or Microsoft Defender) is built-in to Windows 10; software knowhow not required.

      Good luck,


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      I recommend that you start a list of scheduled tasks right now. I began mine back in Win98 days and don’t regret it.

      My list is an MSWord table with numbered steps ({SEQ} fields) down the left-hand column and a done?Y/N right-hand column. The centre columns tells me what to do. For example

      (1) Backup data drive

      (2) Print this list to hard copy (nowadays PDF file sent to smart phone)

      (3) details of installing Windows and the mahor settings (mouse speed, don’t hide extents, etc)

      (4) details of each 3rd-party ap I install and its settings (“copy contents of previous Firefox browser profile)

      Your checklist will grow as time goes by, but you will have a streamlined process, no matter what configuration you develop.



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