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    I think. MS released KB 4039396 a few hours ago, bringing Win10 Anniversary Update (version 1607) up to Build 14393.1670. According to the KB entry: A[See the full post at: New cumulative update for Win10 1607 fixes bugs in the old one]

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      I follow Woody’s advice to the letter especially setting “not to to down load over a metered connection”.  In spite of this, #-*!? MS downloaded KB4035631 on 14th August.  The update history and wushowhide got clobbered.  This morning I note 1607 update KB4039396 which has not appeared on my Windows Update but shows KB4033637 – a search for this in the Update Catalogue says it does not exist.  Another MS snafu!  If I wanted a laugh I’d go to the circus and get value for money.  These clowns are not funny.  I’m a MS user since the “Days of DOS”.  Any info on this would be appreciated.   Long live Woody da Boss.

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        Odd… perhaps worthy of note, this post and many others are from July 14-24 (one recent), while it does nothing at all to help us understand KB4033637’s contents; I wonder if it could be re-released update, a servicing stack update, or another human error.

        Meanwhile you can have a chuckle by reading the joke in the second reply.

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      I’m waiting until were at Level 3 to begin patching. I don’t patch or download/install updates until it’s Level 3 safe, not level 2.

      I keep watch for new news on updates and checking the status level 🙂 I thank Woody indeed for his help to ensure we know what updates to install and what ones’ to watch out for. He is a savior of PCs everywhere.

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      I just installed KB4039396 on a Server2016 and it is still unable to check for updates from WSUS (shows) x8024401c, nor can my WSUS server communicate with the Server2016 client

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        Installing KB4039871 on my Server2012 R2 WSUS server has allowed Windows 2016 clients to communicate again, fixing the issue. Both the WSUS console and the client update screen are showing connections.

        So it looks like KB4039396 is only needed to regain client access to history of updates and does not help with the WSUS connection issue.

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      Before 10 min I take this update for win10 1607 and my update history is back, but not the old updates, only this update is up, but yes that fix the update history.

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      I have Windows 10 vers 1607 build 14393.1593.
      I installed KB4034658 Cumulative Update on 08/18.
      Yes, update history was eliminated just like everyone else.
      I have not been offered KB4039396 to this point in time.
      I was offered KB4033637; no MS info about it, yes comments found from July.
      I installed it and yes it shows in “update history”.
      Perhaps KB4039396 is for “creator’s” and KB4033637 is for “anniversary”?

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        Perhaps KB4039396 is for “creator’s” and KB4033637 is for “anniversary”?

        From mspoweruser.com:
        Windows 10 Anniversary Update gets its 2nd cumulative update of the month (changelog)
        The company is rolling out KB4039396 to users running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which brings the build number up to 14393.1670.

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      Is there any way to get the benefit of KB 4033936 holding on to old Update History without first getting the Update History clobbered by KB4034658 ?

      As I read this thread, it does not seem that there are any reports of this desired outcome.

      Jonathan Handler

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        I assume one would have to have avoided KB4034661 (OS Build 14393.1613) and KB4034658 (OS Build 14393.1593).

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          Mr Brian:

          Actually, I am still on Build 14393.1480.  However, I have been putting this system to sleep for several weeks now.  The last Windows Update installation was KB4035631, which shows an installation (actually beginning of download, I believe) of 8/9/2017.

          What I am concerned about is that KB4034658 has been downloaded (as has the Flash Player update KB4034662) but not installed because I am not shutting down.  This was possible because I only use known third party Wi-Fi which has already been set to Metered Connection.  There may have been one new Wi-Fi location used this month, but I set it to Metered Connection as fast as I could after the connection was made, perhaps 5-10 seconds.

          In addition, Version 1703 is also on the disk, hidden by WUSHOWHIDE.

          This is Windows 10 Pro with feature packs deferred.

          Is it going to be possible for me to get KB4033936 without first installing KB4034658?

          Thank you in advance for your answer

          Jonathan Handler

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      Also, I read on the “Eye On Windows” website that since KB4039396 was not released on Patch Tuesday, it ships with no security improvements. If that’s true, what are the ramifications of that? And then there’s KB4033637 and I don’t know how many other updates to fix other updates that have been pushed out in August. I haven’t installed any August updates yet. As confusing as this mess is, I may not install any. Would it be wise to skip all updates until we’re sure MS has this clown show fixed?

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      I ran this update and it still does not connect to WSUS, even if I try to force the check in.

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