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    Busy day. In the past hour, Microsoft has changed the “Get Windows 10” nag screen as well. You don’t have to install anything, there’s no approval —
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      My test machine with compatibility, telemetry, and Win Client Update patches hidden since last year, but running GWX app, wuth updates set to “Search for updates but let me choose to download or install”:

      The nag screen has changed from “Upgrade now/Download now upgrade later” (this morning) to one like above but only two choices “Upgrade now/Decline offer”. There is still a red X at the top and it closes the screen. I used it – we’ll see what happens next.

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      What will be interesting to see is whether choosing the “Decline free offer” option is for life or just until the next time the window pops up, for example when you next boot the machine, and also what happens to the whole upgrade procedure when the free offer expires later this month. Will we then continue to get nagware with the “Decline free offer” button replaced by a prompt for your payment details?!

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      Thanks so much for the warning, Woody! I hid that sucker straight away.

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      Interesting. I saw the vector for delivery, the Optional, Starred, Italicized, i.e., RECOMMENDED, but UNCHECKED update on my machines, KB3173040. Initially I could not find any info using the WU more info link, but it later appeared in the WU link with an example of the screen. I did NOT install KB3173040, but hid it.

      I have previously removed all the GWX-related updates except possibly the KB3146449 that I had initially hidden, but which was later was bundled into the IE11 Security Update KB3139929 from March 9.

      I have hidden all the GWX related updates and telemetry and removed all that had initially slipped by except as above.

      I have disabled OS upgrades via GWX Control Panel and verified it by looking at the registry. GWX Control Panel reports there are no traces.

      I have NOT had this new screen appear… “yet,” and hopefully it will not, since I did not download the most recent update.

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      You should be safe.

      I’m still wondering what it looks like, in the wild.

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      I’d be interested in the opinion of those who have been saying that we must install all updates in order to maintain our Win7/8/8.1 machines in working order.

      Must KB3173040 be installed, or does it belong on the list of exceptions? And what is the criterion for making this exception?

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      More on this:
      Computer’s been on 24/7. The GWX nag screen has not changed, still only two choices.
      Did a “search for updates” manually this morning (7/1). Updates set to “Let me choose” Have “Give me recommended updates” checked. KB3173040 has not shown up in the list of available updates, optional OR important.
      All the hidden updates (15) are still in the list.
      There are still no install bits on the computer.
      The link to the “Compatibility Report” still says it’s unavailable (perhaps b/c all compatibility updates were hidden?).
      The red X still closes the nag screen.

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      A somewhat broad question here, but I’ve been a Windows 7 user since it’s release, so want to know your final, review and/or recommendation on Win X as an OS? Thanks.

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      I checked the available updates on the left hand Win7 computer in my office just now. KB3173040 is last on the list of Optional updates, italicized, and unchecked. The list also includes KB2962664 and KB3035583, both of which have been repeatedly hidden. I am running GWX Control Panel in monitor mode.

      The other computer is running a disk image at the moment.

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      I’ll be publishing a review shortly after we have a “final” version of the Win10 Anniversary Edition.

      My review of build 1511 was not particularly encouraging, but things have changed.

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      @woody I completely agree that 1511 was not perfect, although an improvement from 10240.
      However my main objection is related to the push for the associated apps which should not be part of the OS, i.e the Universal Apps. It is the same objection which most Windows users have had since the release of Windows 8. What has changed from Windows 8 other than cosmetic things?

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      Compared to Win10 1511, there are some fundamental improvements in security, and we’ve learned a lot about, e.g., blocking forced updates. On the other hand, we have no idea what’s happening with snooping. Hello has some key benefits, but there are also privacy implications. It’s a real mixed bag.

      Compared to 8.1, the main improvement is cosmetic – Start and a whole host of other improvements. On the other hand, we’ve lost some things, too. The built-in apps in 1607 are greatly improved, but I don’t recommend using many of them any more.

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      “there’s no approval — you have no control”

      What approval would you expect, and what control would you need, for “Decline free offer”?

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      I would expect Microsoft to ask permission — issue a KB — when it makes changes of this sweeping magnitude.

      I’m still amazed that all of this happened (not just the new dialog box, but all of the subsystems associated with it) without requesting permission. It demonstrates, very dramatically, that Win7 users have no control over their systems.

      It’s arguable whether they ever did, of course.

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      They’ve just been given the control you’ve wanted for eight months … but you’re still whining!

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