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  • New Ipad Pro 4th gen (2020-03) cheat sheet

    Posted on AlexEiffel Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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        Compared to the discontinued old Ipad Pro from October 2018, the new Ipad Pro 4th gen (March 2020) gives you:

        -128 GB storage with the base model instead of 64 GB, and increments for more memory are less costly.

        -6 GB RAM vs 4 GB except on the 1TB model which had 6 GB.

        -Processor A12Z very similar in performance to the previous A12X that was excellent, one more core for graphics (maybe it was there but deactivated in A12X), better heat dissipation.

        -U1 chip (ultra-wideband) like what is in the Iphone 11 for future use (spatial awareness like a local GPS, short-range communication between devices).

        -A new ultra-wide camera if you care on the Ipad. Add the new LiDAR scanner and you have more capabilities for Augmented Reality if you are into this.

        -5 studio quality microphones.

        -It still is a bit fragile and you can break it if you bend it.


        My take:
        A disappointment in a sense because I was expecting a newer processor that would make this costly device supported longer. However, CPU performance not being everything and the previous processor being so good when it came out, maybe the 6GB of RAM is more what will let this device be supported longer. We don’t really know with Apple but they tend to support powerful devices longer than before as they became more capable. They also seem to continue to issue security updates right now to IOS12, which is great but would be better if we had a clearer idea about if all security issues are addressed and if some important ones are ignored.

        There is not much reason to upgrade from the 2018 model. They are very similar except for the more important differences highlighted above that might or might not be relevant to you. Wait for the next Ipad Pro rumored to be this fall with a micro-LED display and newer processor.

        If you need to replace an older Ipad (not the Pro 2018) because it is going out of support, it can be an interesting option for the following benefits :

        -more RAM for multitasking,

        -larger screen real estate with FaceID so no button on the front screen and thinner bezels,

        -ProMotion (variable refresh rate) for more fluid scrolling, greater responsiveness and smoother motion while also reducing the Apple Pencil latency significantly.

        -support for Apple Pencil 2.0 which is better than the previous one.

        It is still very costly, so if those benefits are not that important to you, the Air might be a better value. For those who use the pencil a lot, it should be considered seriously.

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        Nathan Parker

        I’m holding off for 5G equipment since I’d need one with cellular. Mine works at the moment, so I might as well wait and let my next one have 5G inside.

        Nathan Parker

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          That is a good reason, indeed.

          I forgot to mention the new Ipad Pro has Wi-Fi 6 and it supports WPA3, which although not as good as it was supposed to be security wise due to some design flaws is still probably an improvement over WPA2, hopefully.

          I also made a mistake about the rumor for the next Ipad Pro: I should have wrote mini-LED and not micro-LED. Those are different technologies. Mini-LED could be nice, with higher contrast and less blooming, but maybe not revolutionary. Micro-LED could bring energy efficiency improvements but right now the challenge seem to be making small screens out of them so we won’t see them for a while in an Ipad, probably.

          With all screen technologies, I am still left wondering if reading a lot on the Ipad is bad for my retina and biological clock due to blue light even with night shift and I look forward to the day when we will have a very safe screen technology. It seems that even if you have less blue light, the amount of light emitted by the device might be enough to trigger effects that a book doesn’t induce. mini-LED is an LCD technology but the LEDs that do the back light required for the LCD matrix are smaller, so it is not that different from traditional LCD. micro-LED are an emissive technology like OLED, but not organic, it doesn’t suffer from burn-in and doesn’t degrade with time the way OLED does. It might have a better spectrum reproduction than mini-LED, which could be a plus for health. In any case, it seems difficult to find good research on screen technologies vs health effects.

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        Nathan Parker

        Good points. Yeah, I try to shift my reading between my iPad Pro and my Kindle (trying to use the Kindle for longer-session reading when possible) so I’m not staring at a traditional screen all the time. Between the work I do on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac, I’m staring at a screen way too much during the day. Also need to dust off my DSLR and go for a walk and take some landscape pictures to get away from the machines.

        Nathan Parker

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