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    I see that Microsoft has just released the 11th version of KB 3035583. As you probably know, that’s the much-maligned installation package for the “Ge
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    • #45479

      Showing as unchecked and optional on mine (W7 Home Premium)…..hidden again.

    • #45480

      They sure are relentless…..

    • #45481

      Just checked mine (Win 7 pro), it shows up as an auto-checked important update. Who are they trying to fool?

    • #45482

      Arriving in the Optional, Unchecked, and Recommended on my Win 7 Ultimate 64bit Rig.

    • #45483

      Arrived as Recommended, Unchecked, and in the Optional department on my Win 7 Ultimate 64bit Rig.

    • #45484

      Same as Smokey Bear – and WU just started checking for updates again, right after I hid that sucker. Guess I’d better go back keep an eye on things.

    • #45485

      At least nowadays they clearly identify it as GWX. I remember the early days, six months ago, when it was just another undifferentiated update. Sic transit gloria.

    • #45486

      Showed up tonight, 3/23/16 @ 8:30 PM, as Optional, unchecked and italicized.
      And that was after a Windows Update check this morning @1:30AM.

      They are unrelenting.

    • #45487

      Same: win 7, optional, recommended, unchecked. I have the ‘Give me recommended updates…’ checkbox unchecked.

    • #45488

      Same as louis. Did my updates yesterday, per your Defcon 3. 3035583 showed up tonight, 3/23/16 as Optional, unchecked and italicized. I hid it AGAIN.

      We should come up with a nickname for this persistent b*****. Anyone?…..

    • #45489

      Optional, unchecked and italicized at 2:31am on March 24. Hidden again.

    • #45490

      Appeared as Optional, Recommended, unchecked and italicized on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit desktop. Hid it again for the umpteenth time. Haven’t checked my Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit desktop machine yet, but if it’s there, I will hide it.

      BTW, did no one ever tell the brain trust at Microsoft that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity?

    • #45491

      Yes…….I have it too. showing in Optional non Italic… have hidden it again! LT

    • #45492

      Checked my computer tonight 3/24/2016 at 1:00AM and in my hidden updates the KB3035583 had been removed. Now I see an optional update for KB3035583 which was unchecked, so placed it in Hidden again.

    • #45493

      Appeared this morning (UK GMT) on my W7 SP1 64-bit Home Premium laptop as an unticked, italicised, recommended update and as equally unwanted now as on the day it first sullied my computer.

    • #45494

      One thing many folks like myself want is a definitive list of Windows updates that contain any sneaky stuff for Windows 10. I have scoured the internet, but I haven’t found a complete list. It’d be nice to not have read up on all 60 updates for once…

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    • #45495

      Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium. Optional, Recommended, Unchecked, Hidden.

    • #45496

      Appeared as a Recommended update unchecked on my dad’s Win8.1 x64 Toshiba laptop. I’ll check my Win7 machines later. Won’t the KB3035583 insanity ever end, woody?

    • #45497

      Forgot to mention, in my Settings,I have Download updates but let me choose whether to install them. and Give me updates for microsoft products and check for new optional microsoft software when I update windows is the only item checked.Why does microsoft have the right to remove my hidden updates as they see fit????? I constantly have hidden updates removed by them.I constantly had trouble with my computer after Microsoft downloaded their updates, but after finding you it has stayed stable. Thanks much for your help.

    • #45498

      W7 x64, it appeared this afternoon (GMT) when I got home from work and turned on PC.

      It was shown as “Important” and was ticked so have hidden this malware yet again

    • #45499

      Same as many. Optional, unchecked, italicized and soon to be hidden. Thanks!

    • #45500

      My KB 3035583 was ticked? It came down with a Windows Defender update. I hid 3035583 again.
      But I have the GWX Control Panel, Wish I can get someone to look at a screenshot of it? As I read ALL the FAQ’s & instructions. I would like to make sure I have it set up right. TIA & Thx. regards…Jim

    • #45501

      It’s back. Ran a check today and came up with it as an optional update. Italicized, unchecked, and listed as “Recommended”.

      My WU settings: Never check for updates; Give me recommended – unchecked.


      Done 🙂

      Win 7 Pro SP-1 (x86)

    • #45502

      IT IS NOW MARKED AS AN IMPORTANT UPDATE – I am begging Microsoft to stop this farce of the upgrade. Most small business users are using laptops or PCs with Windows 7 Home Premium and to upgrade them to 10 seriously damages their productivity. Some have just reluctantly upgraded from XP and some are running versions of accounting software donkey years old and the upgrade makes their software inoperable. Running this software in the way they do does make them unproductive or inefficient. Your upgrade to 10 does. How dare you, very very dare you inflict this on the business community for the sake of your pride and vanity. Most users have just upgraded to Windows 7 – stop this madness now, it’s bordering on if not downright criminal. I work in small business support.

    • #45503

      Checked my Hidden updates at 12:38 pm today and the KB3035583 marked as optional update, is now marked as recommended ???? These people are Vipers

    • #45504

      Just a bit of fun:
      MikeFromMarkham says: “did no one ever tell the brain trust at Microsoft that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity?”
      which is often attributed to Einstein and
      Ike says: “We should come up with a nickname for this persistent b*****. Anyone?…..”
      I propose the nickname EMU, short for Einstein’s Microsh*t Update and about as useful as a bird that can’t fly.

    • #45505

      I don’t see it as unintelligent on their part — they are doing this over and over because each time they roll it out, it snares a few more machines.
      And it wears down the resolve of a few more of the people who have been fighting installing this. Some people will give up, deciding that it’s too time-consuming and stressful to battle MS every couple of weeks on this and everything else.

    • #45506

      You’re set up right. Not to worry.

    • #45507

      I think of it as the ‘Lady Macbeth’ update: “Out, damn’d spot! Out, I say!”

    • #45508

      Such a list would be nice, but it doesn’t exist. Closest thing I know is here:

    • #45509

      Hi Woody, I am a senior citizen with a windows7 (64) computer, Dial up connection of 24.4.
      would GWX Control panel be a good program to use to stop windows 10 downloading on my computer? where can I download it from, windows update are turned off on my computer sinds last year July.
      I have been reading your website for the last 2 weeks. Really learning a lot, Thank you

    • #45510

      I hate to say it, but at some point you need to update Windows 7. Is there any chance you can get a faster connection for a while? It’s painful enough at broadband speeds.

      Yes, GWX Control Panel would certainly prevent you from downloading and installing Windows 10. Take a look here for a bunch of updating suggestions in the section marked “How to prevent a forced Windows 10 upgrade” here:


    • #45511

      Double, double toil and trouble;
      Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
      Fillet of a fenny snake,
      In the caldron boil and bake;
      Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
      Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
      Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
      Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing,—
      For a charm of powerful trouble,
      Like a hell-broth boil and bubble
      With GWX and registry stubble.

    • #45512


    • #45513

      thanks woody, But I notice on windows 7 – if you search (search box) KB 3035583 I get appx: 15 icons all with the KB number & same date. Building up in my C:/windows Software Distribution folder. I was wondering if it was safe to delete the 15 icons?

      And if you type this into Google: How to remove KB3035583 from my windows 7 computer.

      Its a pain in the butt..

    • #45514

      Have you tried GWX Control Panel?

    • #45515

      Yes woody, I installed it to be exact March 12th.

      I have it configured as in the youtube – FAQ’s – instructions, ect. Someone in a post said “Run the GWX” Mine is set to monitor. If theres a way to run it? I missed that part. I just check for new versions.

      and today I had a ticked box for 3035583 (which I hid) how am I doin?

    • #45516

      You’re doin’ great. If you have GWX set up to Monitor, there’s nothing more than need (or can!) be done.

    • #45517

      Here’s my small Windows 7 list. Hide these, and you get: No GWX in sight, telemetry reduced, a controllable system…

      • KB3139929
      • KB2952664
      • KB3021917
      • KB3035583
      • KB3068708
      • KB3081049
      • KB3123862
      • KB971033
      • All the Windows 7 Language Packs


    • #45518

      How many additional people are caught out by Microsoft each time they re-push this?

      People will wear down eventually.

      Wouldn’t it be funny if all the anti-malware products would just start blocking Windows Update.


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