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    Randy the Tech Professor has a list of the latest versions of important programs that you may be running: Chrome, Java, Opera, Foxit, Skype, Flash Pla
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      For Windows 10 users who don’t want to download all the January Updates, this reference gives no information about where and how to download and install the Flash Player Updates only. So we are left with information that we need updates, but no information as to how to obtain them for Windows 10 for Edge and IE. This is poor advising on both the part of Randy the Professor and AskWoody.

      I see no references anywhere to a Windows 10 update for Flash Player 20. Has anything been released so far?

      There is a pair of Cumulative Updates (7 & 8) for Windows 10 dated January 12 & 27, 2016. Any idea whether the more recent of these updates includes the Flash Player Update? (I did read the Infoworld article on this update, but no details seem to have emerged as yet.)

      I am testing the Windows 8.1 32-bits and 64-bits standalone msu Flash Player Update installers I found, to see if they will update Windows 10 in my laptop and my tablet. These are dated January 27, 2016, so they ought to be up to date. I’ll report back later today on my results, and if successful, I’ll post the link to the page where people can get the installers.

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      False alarm — those were Flash Player January 27, 2015 MS Updates. Still nothing for Flash Player 20 for January 2016 from Microsoft.

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      And with good reasons for Windows 10:

      January 19, 2016. According to an Adobe Forum posting, 1/19/2016 – Release – Flash Player 20, Flash was updated “to address important functional issues”. Adobe pointed out that “the Windows 8.x and Windows 10 ActiveX version of Flash Player will not receive today’s update but will instead be updated in our regularly scheduled February release (tentatively set for 2/9/16).” Yet, this disagrees with the Adobe Tester page 🙁 The Forum posting says IE on Win8 is at but the Adobe tester page (as of Jan 22nd) says the latest is On Jan 22nd, Adobe’s Tester page complained that an installed version was out of date but had no newer version to install. Windows Update on Win8 also found no new version of Flash to install on Jan 22nd. Either Adobe and Microsoft don’t care or they are incompetent. Maybe, both.
      Total Bugs in 2016 to date: 2 ?
      Operating System Browser(s) Latest Flash Version
      Windows 10 Edge
      Windows 7 Internet Explorer
      All Windows Firefox, Chrome
      Windows 8.x Internet Explorer -or- (see above)
      Windows 10 Internet Explorer Beats me, conflicting info from Adobe
      Macintosh OS X any browser
      Linux Chrome
      Chrome OS Chrome Beats me, no info from Adobe

      Reference: http://www.flashtester.org/

      Latest Post from them. So we get to wait until February’s Patch Tuesday for our update. Since this is apparently a Stability Release, not a critical Security Release of Flash Player, I think it looks safe to wait. “Functional improvements” don’t sound like the sky is falling — yet.

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      That emoticon is supposed to be in there. The author apparently is disappointed for some reason.

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      There is an update for Firefox too. From 43.0.4. to version 44

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      Yeah, I noticed that one even in Linux.

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      Latest updates have been posted:

      Firefox 44.0
      27 January 2016

      Chrome 48.0
      28 January 2016

      Best wishes,
      Randy The Tech Professor

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      Thanks, Randy!

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      Professor Randy hasn’t added this to his list yet, but please note that Josh Mayfield updated his excellent GWX Control Panel to on Jan 24.

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      Thanks owburp,

      GWX Control Panel is a great program! I use it at least a couple of times a week here in my repair business.
      Many Windows 7 users have no desire to update to Windows 10. Windows 7 will be officially supported by Microsoft until 2020, and can be downloaded free until July 29, 2016.
      I’m still running Windows 7 on my home desktop.

      Best wishes,
      Randy Knowles

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