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    LANGALIST By Fred Langa Previous columns discussed several remote desktops — software that lets you access and use a distant PC just as if you were si
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      A potential problem worth mentioning that people often encounter with remote desktop is that when the remote computer is either deadhead (no monitor) or the monitor is simply turned off, the remote display will lock to 640×480 resolution and no settings on the local connection will change it.  The simplest solution in most situations is to get an HDMI dummy dongle for the remote computer that provides a “live” monitor to Windows whenever plugged in. They are inexpensive, typically $5-9.

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      I have setup RD on both computers, but must be missing something.

      “When you’re done, with RD set up and running on both PCs, you’ll see something like Figure 8. My setup shows the REMOTE PC and LOCAL PC names that I used; of course, yours will show whatever PC names you entered.”

      The newsletter appears to indicate that both the Remote and Local PC’s will appear on the Local PC screen before any connection is made between the PC’s. How do I do this, please?

      There appears to be a step missing.

      Have since worked out how to do it and have RD working on 3 machines!!


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      Let’s not forget Quick Assist, the easy remote desktop included with Windows 10.

      Click on Start and type:  quick assist

      At the top of the search results click on: Quick Assist

      Choose either Get Assistance or Give Assistence (click on : Assist Another Person)

      Follow the directions to obtain a number code to type in and begin the session.

      The person giving assistance must sign in to a Microsoft account (usually your Outlook.com/Windows Mail/Hotmail account).

      There are a couple of other options as you go along such View Screen or (more likely) Take Control. (The person you’re helping can see what you’re doing and they also have control).

      As i recall, the person you’re helping doesn’t need to sign in to a Microsoft account in order for you to connect and help them.

      I don’t have Windows 11 so don’t know if it includes the Quick Assist app. Pretty sure Windows 8.1 does not include it.


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      I’ve used VNC for about 20 years. Rock-solid, well maintained, millions of users. Runs on/across many platforms: Win, mac, iPad,Pi and Linux , AND it is free for non-commercial use.

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      What are your options if your remote pc is running Chrome (so no problem here) and you want to control it with an IPhone, IPad, or similar.  Can this be done, and if yes, using what IOS app?

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        Splashtop – but the user has to approve, you can’t do unattended remote access and then I believe it’s view only.  Bottom line chromebooks don’t have the same amount/level of remote control as apple or windows.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Can anyone help with this problem? I have Chrome Desktop connection on one PC and use Google Web Remote on another. The host is running Google Chrome version 101.0.4951.54 (32-bit). The remote has MS Edge version 101.0.1210.32 (32-bit). I have used this setup for well over a year with no problems until now. Now when I try to connect, I can see the host PC and connect to it, but the remote shows a blank screen. However, the host behaves as if it is connected and responds to input; I just cannot see anything on the remote screen. My only option is to disconnect. I tried rebooting the host PC and the remote PC. I set the host PC to Incognito mode (someone said this might help, but it didn’t).

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        Just a wild guess. Have you looked at temporarily matching screen resolution on both ends?

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          I tried that. No soap. I should mention that this remote PC is really old! It’s so old that even Windows 10 will not run well on it (has distorted sound). I am seriously going to look at a new one.

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          The problem is fixed. Turns out it was a browser extension on the remote PC. I disabled both “Disable HTML5 Autoplay” and “Adblock Plus.” Voilà!

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            You should be able to white list it in Adblock. Better than disabling it.

            cheers, Paul

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              That’s basically what I did. I disabled Adblock on remotedesktop.google.com. But I’m not sure why it did that in the first place, because I have had both extensions installed for some time, and they have not caused this problem until now.

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      Can someone please answer this:

      I typically work on my tablet while my PC sleeps in another room; if I set up RD between them will I be able to access files, etc on the PC when it is asleep?  Or can I awaken the PC through RD and then access files?  (p.s. to prevent unwanted awakenings, my PC will not wake easily as user must hit the start button to awaken it.)

      OR, MUST I go into the other room and awaken the PC before RD will work?

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        Lighthearted option: Employ a minion to run between rooms for you, Lol.

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        Wake on lan is what it’s called.  If the network card supports it, you send a “ping” from one machine to the other and “wake” it up.  Otherwise train your dog to run up the stairs and wiggle the mouse?

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        Some remote desktop software has built-in WOL so it can wake up the remote machine for you – saves the dog the effort.

        cheers, Paul

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      Over the years, I’ve used Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC, TeamView, AeroAdmin, etc.

      For what it’s worth, I’ve just started using a remote desktop service called DWService.net.  So far, it’s working out fine.


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        From the FAQ

        All connections securely go through a Node, a distant server that handle all the traffic

        I’d not be comfortable with that.

        cheers, Paul

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      Let’s not forget Quick Assist, the easy remote desktop included with Windows 10.

      Quick Assist has been removed from Windows 10,11 and moved to Microsoft Store


      Microsoft’s response

      Nathan_Pfeifer replied to ShawnZ1H
      ‎May 10 2022 12:24 PM

      Appreciate the note!

      Understand the frustration of pushing a user to download the Store app to get a remote assistance app.

      The nature of using remote assistance is that one of the parties is stuck and needs help – so it can be frustrating.

      There is some underlying functionality, in how we currently have this set up, that needed to be adjusted that led to this.

      That being said, this is time sensitive and sometime in mid-May the old version will no longer be usable.

      Thanks for the feedback! It is being passed along, rest assured.


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