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    Im new to working with the  current micro-controllers/micro-PCs, I have worked with PIC controllers years ago. I would rather not waste time on researching each product’s specifications as there are quite a few, and I probably have a big learning curve ahead of me as far as using/programming one of these devices so I would like to focus on that.

    I think my project is pretty simple and probably the perfect project to get started with one of these devices.

    I thinking I probably need a Raspberry Pi or Arduino (open to other suggestions) but not sure which one, or which model would be best suited for this project without paying for other features that are not needed.


    These are most of my requirements:

    • Able to connect to my network (wired preferred)
    • Able to ping a device on my network
    • Don’t think I need it to act as a web server, but just to be able to accept and output TCP/IP
    • Wall wart powered (low power consumption as it will be running 24/7)
    • Probably the least sophisticated that meets my needs
    • Low cost but if $25 item is somehow better than $4 that would be ok


    The Project:

    • What I want to be able to do is to communicate with it over a custom port via telnet
    • Have it authenticate me with user/password (not completely necessary to be secure as what it is reporting if it were hacked is inconsequential)
    • On successful login by me to ping a device on my network
    • Transmit over TCP/IP if ping was successful or not


    Any reconditions to get me started would be appreciated.

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      Thank you, Anonymous, for bringing up this important and useful topic: microcontrollers (a.k.a microprocessors), in essence tiny computers such as the Raspberry Pi, are extremely versatile devices with a surprisingly large and growing variety of uses and, therefore, of particular appeal to the DIY crowd, and something that have received little or no attention in this site in recent years, at least that I remember. I can’t answer your particular questions, but hope that your thread attracts enough good advice to help you and also help me and others here get a better knowledge and understanding of these very handy and interesting little things. Good luck.


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