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  • No Drivers for HP 8600 Pro

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    Greetings All –

    I have an HP Officejet Pro 8600 N911g that has been an excellent printer/scanner for several years.  My computer runs WIN 10 Pro, version 21H1, with September updates.  For quite a few months now, the printer periodically loses its wireless connection.  Rebooting the modem and router, followed by powering the printer on and off brings it back to life,  All that is then necessary is entering the IP address in HP Print & Scan Doctor.  The HP trouble shooter then has green check marks for each of the items checked, including drivers.  Device manager however shows no drivers installed.  I don’t know how long that occurrence has been in place.  This seems weird as printing and scanning work perfectly.  I have tried uninstalling the printer then reinstalling it using what I think is the latest software download from HP.  It’s been awhile since they last provided an update.  I have also disabled my router’s  5 Ghz output, as I read somewhere that older HP printers are not compatible with that signal’s presence.  I am wondering if the printer’s wireless is starting to go bad.  This because the issue seems to be deteriorating.  As always, thoughts would be appreciated.

    Casey H.

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      …I am wondering if the printer’s wireless is starting to go bad…

      It is possible but that may the the worst case, hopefully the cause could be interference from other Wi-Fi channels overlapping which can be checked using Nirsoft’s WirelessNetView or WifiInfoView. [These programs are unfairly blacklisted by antivirus programs and are deleted (or quarantined) on access, so you’ll need to educate your AV program these are okay.]

      Was your printer interaction better before applying Windows 10 updates?

      Are you using a static IP Address for your printer? Some routers will not handle driver communication with printers that request an automatically assigned address (DHCP). [A Recent modem/router update may cause this problem.]

      A rare problem that may be worth looking into that can affect different Wi-Fi chipsets: Also if you have recently upgraded your modem/router firmware there a subtle problem of new bugs which may cause sudden incompatibility because the modem/router’s Wi-Fi driver may have the bug.  If you can remember what month the connection issues started you may be able to find firmware from that time period and downgrade the modem/router to a working image. There should be consideration about downgrading as some old firmware bugs may bad enough to say no.

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      Thank you for the input.  I use WiFi Channel 1.  I frequently have the channel all to myself.  I’ve never seen more than two others with me, both very weak.  And no one is using 2-5 either.  I did a firmware update on the printer  about a year and a half ago.  That’s the last one available.  The router was new in January (Pepwave Surf).  I did a firmware update at the time of setup but none since.  It’s hard to say on the Windows updates.  The problem has been with me for quite some time, but is now getting much worse.  Sometimes every day.  I don’t use a static IP address.  I’d need to research it because right off hand, I’m not sure how to do it.  I don’t think that’s the problem though.  The printer has always (8 years) been hooked up wirelessly, and this is a fairly recent problem.

      I’m thinking of connecting the printer to the router using an ethernet cable.  That should solve my desktop printing/scanning issues.  Would I still be able to print wirelessly from a couple of laptops that are connected to the router via wireless?

      Casey H.

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        Is the Pepwave Surf is allowing unhindered communication with the printer?

        Here is a fairly recent HP support forum post about wireless printing errors with instructions for assigning a manual IP address in the Officejet Pro 8600.

        Would I still be able to print wirelessly from a couple of laptops that are connected to the router via wireless?

        If the manual I found is correct you can only choose Wired or Wireless because connecting an Ethernet cable turns off the Wireless subsystem (light will turn off). All that can be recommended is to try…

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      Would I still be able to print wirelessly from a couple of laptops that are connected to the router via wireless?


      The signal path is:
      – Wireless computer => Router => Printer.

      As Anonymous notes, the communication between Router and Printer is EITHER wireless OR wired. But that is independent of the Computer-to-Router path that already is being used.
      I have different equipment from yours, but here is what I have:
      My computer – USB – Printer. Optional: computer wired – Router – wired to Printer.
      Other computers – wireless to Router – wired to Printer.
      Printer has both wired and wireless connections defined and tested (one at a time), but wired is in use. Wireless would be used if Printer had to be moved elsewhere.

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      I went ahead and changed the IP address to static.  We’ll see how that goes.  Hopefully the connection stays with me.  If not, the next step will be to hook up a cable.  Thanks so much everyone.

      Casey H.

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      Lost wireless printer connection again today.  Next step is the ethernet cable, I guess.


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