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    Norton Antivirus on Windows 7 Pro:

    Problems:  Open folders on the desktop are being closed, and the Libraries folder is being opened.  Computer remains busy so that the screen never sleeps.

    This was happening on one computer for awhile, but now it is happening on a second similarly configured Windows 7 computer with Norton Antivirus.
    The Event Viewer appeared to show the Norton service periodically closing and opening:

    “The shell stopped unexpectedly and explorer.exe was restarted”
    EventID 1002 Winlogon
    “The NortonSecurity service is stopping . . “, “… has stopped”, restarts, etc.

    The second computer started doing this after a power loss, and NAV did a remove/reinstall.

    Any ideas whether this is a Norton or a Windows 7 problem?

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      Is there some reason you are still running Windows 7? (Running a Windows OS without monthly Microsoft patches is not recommended.)

      AV programs will often add hooks to the Windows shell for various reasons.  Looks like a program update loop.

      Is Windows 7 still supported by your AV vendor? If so…

      If you are not infected…

      Uninstall your AV, reboot, then reinstall your AV.

      If you can’t uninstall, boot up in safe mode and uninstall your AV.  Then normal boot.

      If that does not solve your problem, go to the AV vendor site and look for a complete removal program.  Run it, re-boot, then reinstall your AV. On a complete removal you may have to adjust AV settings.

      While not running any security suite, be very careful on what you click on.  Verify your AV is happy after re-installation, before resuming normal browsing, by running an AV scan.

      If you think you might be infected…

      Run a reputable standalone free security scanner, if you can or after getting your broken AV uninstalled.

      The AV reinstall may fail if you have folder corruption or a permissions issue.

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      Gary, this sounds like something that you might have better luck with over in the Norton Community.

      You reported that this started happening on the second PC after a power loss. Do you have a sense of when it started happening on the first PC? If we can find some pattern to what may have triggered this strange behavior, it could lead to a solution.


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      Firstly image backup the device using your preferred method before making any changes!
      Norton can be a rabbit-hole if things go wrong (typing from past experience)

      Ensure you have the Norton AV setup program or CD/DVD then you may wish to peruse over the Norton RnR utility that provides instructions on usage.

      What was your last MSFT patch installed if using ESU? When was it applied?

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      I’m using Norton Security (v. on Win 7 Pro x64 on six computers in my little home office network. All the machines also have MalwareBytes v. 4.4.11). I’ve kept the machines up to date since M$ ended support in Jan 2020 by means of the “ESU Bypass” that’s been discussed at length in various threads on this Forum.

      I’ve had computer problems of various types, though nothing similar to what the OP describes, and nothing I can even remotely attribute to the combination of Norton and Windows 7.

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