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    I noticed in another thread that RG said he uses both NoScript and uBlock Origin. I currently use NoScript. I had thought they were similar but in researching them I see that they are quite different but do have some overlap.

    Is there a way to configure them to remove the redundancy and best utilize them?


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      I don’t worry about the overlap it doesn’t seem to cause any problems, at least for me. Of course YMMV!

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      Speaking of script blockers, what are your thoughts about browsers with built-in ad and tracking blockers?  I bounced between NoScript and uBlock Origin when I used Firefox.  I then discovered Vivaldi is my favorite for its configurability but I now use Slimjet because it mostly does the job and is less resource hungry.  Both Vivaldi and Slimjet have built-in ad and tracker blocking that doesn’t break most websites like NoScript and uBlock Origin do before granting exceptions, an often tedious and time consuming undertaking to identify the scripts required to allow the site to function.  Am I misguided in my sense that the built-in blockers of Vivaldi and Slimjet strike an acceptable balance between protection, ad blocking, and functionality?

      BTW, ad blocking is disabled for askwoody.com.

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        I think you may be confusing uBlock Origin and uMatrix. UBlock usually works fairly transparently, with uMatrix tending to break most sites and require fiddling around to get most sites to work (like NoScript).

        If the built-ins work for you, then use them if you like! I personally use uBlock Origin with Vivaldi, as I do not find the built-in to be good enough. The cosmetic filtering and ability to temporarily ‘zap’ elements in uBlock (and not the built-in blocker) is too important to give up.

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          You may be right out having used uMatrix instead of uBlock Origin.  I added the NoScript extension to Slimjet yesterday which resulted in almost every site being broken even with top level domains set as trusted.  Lots of time spent trusting scripts to get sites to work.

          I will give uBlock Origin a try.

          Thank you for the feedback.

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      I tried the Brave browser and found its built-in adblocker to be not good enough. It blocked ads, but many sites put up popups saying adblock detected and needed an extra click to view.  Adding the extra filter lists I could find did not fix this, so I felt a full adblock extension was needed.

      Ublock origin did work fine, though.

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      just be sure to be using the newest versions of uBlock Origin and Noscript and update those addons if necessary (in Chrome, MS Edge or other Chromium based web browsers, these addons/extensions are updated automatically with an active internet connection)

      latest uBlock Origin is 1.47.0 and latest Noscript version is 11.4.16

      edit – since I have disabled auto updates for Firefox addons, I’ll manually update the uBlock Origin and Noscript extensions in Firefox shortly

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      I have installed uBlock Origin and disabled NoScript in Slimjet.  I have only visited a couple of sites so far that were broken by NoScript until the right combination of scripts was allowed.  They have worked fine with no fuss when running uBlock Origin.

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      Hey Y’all,

      I think it’s important to note that NoScript and uBlock Origin are designed for different purposes.

      uBlock Origin is a content blocker, i.e. Ads.

      NoScript is a script blocker keeping the website from running scripts on the Client Browser. Designed to keep malicious scripts from running. Unfortunately, the way modern web pages are programmed they pull content from all over the place. Thus, the need to tinker with NoScript settings to allow desired content while blocking the trackers and other associated “junk” and bad actors.


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      I used to be a NoScript fan until the tinkering got to be too labor intensive. The same for uMatrix (no longer supported). They just broke too many web pages for me.

      I am satisfied with uBlock Origin and the approach to using the many blacklist filters to block bad sites, while leaving Javascript intact. The web 2.0 is based on Javascript and doesn’t run well if you block it.

      You may also want to consider running the Privacy Badger and Disconnect extensions. They block a lot of trackers.

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