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    I recently got a Comcast email saying they’ve increased my download speed from 400 to 600 Mbps. I thought, “big deal”, I haven’t even seen anything over 100 yet. Speedtest.net shows about 85 to 90. I dreaded the thought of calling Comcast about it, so I thought I’d try to see what I could do. I have a 2.5 year old Dell XPS desktop. Windows 10. Pretty near top-of-the-line.

    I started with checking to see if the network drivers needed updating. No. Uninstalled & reinstalled. Nope. Reset network settings. No change. Tried ethernet and wireless individually. Strangely, wireless was about 240 Mbps; faster than ethernet. Then I dug out my 10 year old Dell XPS 17 laptop. Plugged in an ethernet cable. Speedtest gave 643 Mbps. Whoa! What’s going on here?

    Back to the desktop, Reset the router. Nope. Swapped around ethernet ports. Nope. Switched ethernet cables with the laptop. BINGO.  Tossed the cable I was using (for years) in the trash. Not only am I getting “advertised speeds”, early this morning I got 713 Mbps!

    Don’t take a perfectly functioning cable for granted…

    I can’t say I was ever disappointed with, or had a problem with 90 Mbps, but of course you want what you’re paying for. Glad I didn’t resort to calling Comcast. 🙄


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      be sure the current ethernet cables you’re using are at least CAT6 or better and that they’re high quality (not the “cheap” ones)

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        My initial thought was the cable was defective, but it was probably CAT 5. No marking on it.  The last time I read anything about ethernet cables was so long ago the article said CAT 6 didn’t offer any advantage over CAT 5. I hadn’t given it ANY thought since then.

        A lesson learned, to not assume hardware is “working fine” just because its been “working” for a long time. It could be working much better!


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      CAT 6 didn’t offer any advantage over CAT 5

      This is true for any PC. Servers on the other hand…

      cheers, Paul

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