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    Is there any way to use numbering within a table so that I can have, for example, numbers 1-6 in the first column and 7-12 in the second column while also having the two lists connected (so that if I delete one number, the list will update)?

    In the attached file, I have put what I want (but just entering the numbers manually). At the bottom is what Word seems to default to.

    Can anyone help?

    Word 2013

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      You can do what you ask. In the example Word document I attached you can delete or add a numbered item and it changes the numbering of items in both columns. It will not move items from one column to the other to keep them even but the numbers will stay connected.

      Here’s how to do it.

      The numbering for the first set (1-6) of items has to be inside a single table cell of the table and the numbering for the second set (7-12) of items goes in the next column on the same row.
      Starting with a table of just 2 columns and two rows (top row for the heading for the table – Testing in my example)
      Place the pointer in the first cell in the row under the heading which is the left column and click to place the cursor active in that cell. Click the Home tab and in the Paragraph group select the Numbering icon to select a number list. The number 1 will appear to start the list. Enter a space and then press the Enter key to enter the next number (2.) which will automatically expand the row for the new new. Enter space and then Enter key to go to the next number. The space saves the numbering format and the Enter key goes to the next number.
      When finished adding numbers for this column, press the Tab key to go the next cell in the next column.
      With the cursor active in the next column lick the Home tab and in the Paragraph group select the Numbering icon to select a number list. The first number to appear is the next number (in this case 7.) in the list you started the prior column. The numbering will continue where you left off and is connected to those numbers to change when a numbered is deleted or added.


      HTH, Dana:))

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