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    I saw that headline and couldn’t believe it. As of this writing, very early Friday morning, Nvidia lists at $420.36, for a total market capitalization
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      From their TNT line of PCI, AGP graphics cards with good tweakable device drivers, the aquisition of 3DFx (a BIG move as 3DFx dominated the PC gaming community with secondary add on PCI GPU’s and AGP cards). Then the introduction of GeForce GPU AGP Cards soon after, using some of the adapted 3DFX GPU instructions sets, whilst making their own Chipsets for motherboards, it’s no wonder they are where they are.

      I had an AMD Barton CPU, A7N8X mobo and one of the first GeForce Cards (still got it in storage) which then, was a mighty sum to spend on a Gaming PC. Yes,I was an avid PC gamer back then through that time period.
      Congrats nVidia, well deserved IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

      Keep IT Lean, Clean and Mean!
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      This is happy news. NVidia takes their engineering quality very seriously. There are good reasons the “other guys'” display drivers crash and nVidia’s don’t.

      I like that Microfix pointed out “tweakable”… It’s true. I need a special reference setup here to have monitors precisely express the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color space using the sRGB profile, and nVidia’s drivers give me the “Adjust desktop color settings” panel that allows me to really dial that in. The other makers have dropped that level of calibration in the spirit of “dumbing down” their drivers.


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      Stock prices and market value are manipulated by stock merchants, funds…and has close to nothing to do will reality.

      Tesla is “worth” more than Toyota.
      Tesla sold in 2019 ~370,000 cars with $24.6bn revenue
      Toyota sold in 2019 ~10.5 million cars with $281.20bn revenue

      Microsoft is “worth” as much as Apple.
      Apple 2019 revenue 260bn with 55.26bn net income.
      Microsoft 2019 revenue 126bn with 39bn net income….

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        Income to revenue
        Apple: 21%
        MS: 31%
        MS should be worth more than Apple but markets is markets!

        cheers, Paul

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          So my yearly revenue is $2000 and income $1200 (60% Income to revenue). Should I be worth more than both combined ?

          Apple over passed Microsoft in 2010 and never looked back.

          2005 net profit : Microsoft $12.3 billion, Apple $1.3 billion
          2011 net profit : Microsoft $23.2 billion, Apple $25.9 billion

          Only current yearly profit should be a factor.

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      Or more like everyone scrabbling to buy graphics cards for crypto mining, lol.

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