• October Update to 21H2 stalled…

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    I’m installing the October Cumulative update for 21H2 on two different machines.  In both cases, the update is stalled (see the attached pic).  They’ve both been stalled for over 90 minutes.  Both systems have 8gb ram, and an i5 processor; they’re 3-4 years old but still performing pretty good.  Normal monthly updates usually take 45-60 minutes, but this is taking so much longer this time.

    Anyone seeing this type of behavior or have any suggestions?  I’m remote to the systems so I don’t want to just cancel the install (and take a chance of having the systems not reboot correctly).  Any ideas would be appreciated!


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      had the same thing on a win 10 pc with 8MB of RAM. It took over an hour to update just crawling from 55% to 90%. I just let it do its thing and it finished clean.

      On the other PC with 16MB RAM it just flew through in normal fashion.  Both PCs had SSDs

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        Well unfortunately it’s been 6 hours and you can see from the progress bar it’s still at the same 5%-ish.   I tried cancelling the other pc and 5 hours later it is still saying “cancelling updates”.  There’s very little cpu or ram or disk activity on either machine.   🙁



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      I solved this by using WUMGR.  You’d think I’d remember to make this my goto way of installing updates every month.  [sound of head hitting the wall].

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      I solved this by using WUMGR.

      And I found the opposite. I finally decided to try WUMGR after seeing it recommended here for so long. I wasn’t having any problems until I tried it on Windows 10 Pro. It suddenly took forever to update…it was awful.

      So, I think one needs to do what works for them.

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      Here we go again !!

      This is happening to me again for the second month running – last months update failed to install one of two updates which then inexplicably disappeared but another number appeared in the ‘uninstall’ list.

      After deferring since 11th October, today I have tried to install KB 5018858 and KB 5018410 but this latter one has failed and is now stuck on Installing – 0%.

      At the top of the ‘uninstall’ list with today’s date is KB 5018329 – which was not shown on the original list of available updates.

      There is also a warning in Red font as shown on the attached screenshot.

      I don’t know what to do next – can someone help me please?



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      Sorry I think something went wrong with the screenshot – I’ll try again.


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      WuMgr uses Windows update to update. If it takes forever, it’s Windows, not WuMgr.

      cheers, Paul

      so does WUMT (windows update minitool)

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      I have tried to install KB 5018858 and KB 5018410

      The former is a preview and should not be installed.
      The latter should be fine.

      If it’s stuck on 0%, leave it for an hour. If no progress, reboot and see what happens.

      cheers, Paul

      p.s to add a screenshot, save it as PNG, then click the “Select File” button to attach it.

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        Hello Paul T

        Thank you for the reply.

        I don’t have the setup to selectively install Windows updates individually, so when I released the deferral the KB 5018858 installed normally and has gone into “other updates” section.

        I left the problem KB 5018410 well over an hour from it showing 0% but there was no progress.

        I am going to try to add a couple of screenshots following your advice.
        Only seems to have worked for one of the files.



        Or not ?

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