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    My hospital recently upgraded our computers and we now have Office 2000. I was looking for an overview of the software to give to the people in my department. I looked at WOW 4.23 for information but it has two things against it (1) it’s 18 months old, and (2) I don’t want to violate any copyright and make Woody mad. I looked at MS Knowledge Base but didn’t really see anything. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks a lot.

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      Instead of the knowledgebase, go to the Office home site, there are overviews there. (Last time I checked, I have not gone there in a while) http://www.microsoft.com/office/%5B/url%5D Each application has a product enhancement guide.


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      Are you asking which specific Office applications to give them? If so, I’d recommend the basic apps: Word and Excel. If you use Outlook for email, then Outlook as well. I personally don’t see much use for Power Point, but you may need it for presentations. You can use a browser other than IE, but it’s an integral part of Office.

      I would not recommend Access unless you have someone on staff to not only support any Access applications you have installed but also to repair the damage done by curious users who decide to play with an application in order to learn how to use Access. If you have people who want to build their own databases, give them Access but make sure any departmental or organizational databases are thoroughly protected, one way or another

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