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    I saw today that Microsoft has removed the documentation files (in Help) for Office 2010, and replaced them with a stern directive to buy a new version of Office. I don’t normally need those files, but sometimes I forget where an item is, or need to do something unusual (for me).

    I’m not going to buy an Office subscription, because I am retired and do not need it. When Office 2010 really expires, I will move to Libre Office.  I understand the risks of using an old version of Office. However, I think that removing the documentation files is just cheeky of Microsoft. I don’t expect any updates or new materials but it cannot cost them any significant amount to keep the files available.

    As I say, it is an unjustified impediment to me using a product I paid good money for – a bit of built-in obsolescence that is unnecessary.

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      There’s plenty of online help available, and it’s probably better than these now missing Help files.  Remember the old adage: “about as helpful as a Microsoft help file”.

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      @ScotchJohn Fair point –  and that is what I have used. This post was really a tiny rant about how Microsoft behaves.

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        Chris B

        I think Office 2010 Help is still there but offline (on your computer).

        Open help in any Office 2010 application.  In the bottom right hand corner of the help box click “Connected to Office.com”, and then check “Show content only from this computer.”  My help then displays extensive local content.  See if it works for you.

        The help maybe old but at least it is fast.  I keep Office 2010 (along side Office 2019) just to have offline access to help.


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      Anon – thank you!

      What you described worked, and, moreover, making the change in Word 2010 carried over to Excel and Outlook.

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