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    Just an observation.  Am using Win7 Pro.  Risked installing Windows Malicious Software Removal tool kb890830 and everything is fine.  Did a reboot to make sure.  Did a Restore Point, then installed Office 2010 patches excluding the Outlook patch which was unchecked anyway.  Rebooted and Windows does not complete booting after logging in.   Most icons in the task bar don’t appear.   Trying to reboot does not work as the restart button does not work either and Windows Explorer freezes.   Had to force shutdown with power button.  Ran restore point and everything is back to normal.   Not sure if its just my pc or if its the Office patches, but I don’t believe in coincidences.  Will not risk the Net framework or Quality rollup patches until others try it.  Are they trying to break Win7 so we finally give up and move to Win10?   This is really frustrating.

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      The MS-DEFCON number is 2, it has only been four days since Patch Tuesday. It is still way too early to install September patches, There has not been enough time to see which ones are causing problems.

      Those installing Sept patches now are testing for everyone else. Wait until the DEFCON number is 3 or greater and we know where the pitfalls are.


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      Wow, that’s really similar to what @PKCano experienced after test-installing September’s Win 7 roll up patch…IE11 wouldn’t launch because of his icon font size being too large. I wonder if there’s a vulnerability involving font display that’s patched in the same manner by the Office 2010 patches as well as the Win7 monthly rollup?

      Either way, I agree with what he said just above…wait for others to be the guinea pigs which will hopefully allow the rest of us to install with a minimum of (or preferably no) hassles.

      I seriously doubt MS is lousing up the monthly patches just to get us to move to Win 10…those with Win10 have been having their own sets of issues with miscreant patches. The problem lies in MS’s lack of quality control with the patches the do release, in that they’re not tested thoroughly enough! I am attributing this to their recent rounds of layoffs they’ve had company-wide…fewer folks trying to handle the same workload resulting in a “just get it out the door” mentality. At least it sure seems like it to me, given the problematic nature of most patches for the last year or so! (Oops, I digressed a little too much!)   🙁

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