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    I have Windows 10 set to Pause Updates. I have set the option in Word to NOT update Word automatically. I reckon that I should not be seeing updates.

    Yet today when I closed a document in Word, I saw a window that I have never seen before. (I do not see it in other Windows/Word installations which haven’t had opportunity to update.) I see this window only when closing a document which has not previously been saved. When closing a document which has been saved previously, but has been modified, I see the familiar “Want to save changes?” window.

    I’m wondering why I’m seeing updates. At the moment I’m working on a large documentation project with many screenshots. When an update like this occurs, all my previous screenshots for this feature will be inconsistent with any that I add going forward.

    Is it possible to completely prevent automatic updates to Office 365?

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      What’s your Word version? Mine is 1905 (Build 11629.20196 click to run) and I don’t have that window when I close a new Word doc (just the normal one). I accept all O365 updates as well.

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        My version is 16.0  11601  20174 – 32 bit click to run.

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          I got the version info above by clicking on the About Word icon on the Account tab of Backstage. I notice that the info next to the About Word icon is slightly different: 1904 11601 20204.

          This morning Office updates ran on another machine where I have Office 365 64 bit (Windows 10). I don’t see this unusual Save Changes window there after the update.

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          In the Update history for Office 365 ProPlus (listed by date) there is no version listed that has your version number.

          How did you disable Office update?

          You should consider updating to the latest version and check out what happens now.

          Well, just read your posts that happened while I was typing. Ignore the first sentence above.


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            I disabled updates using Backstage>Account>Office Updates>Disable Updates.

            Yes, I believe it would be a good idea to resume updates and let the next update be applied. My first instinct was to be sure no more updates were applied… to avoid additional unexpected “features.”

            I’ll state again that I had Office updates disabled when this new Save Changes dialog box appeared. I disabled updates about a month ago. I did resume updates for Windows 10 several days before I saw this new dialog box. Could a Windows update cause this?

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              You said that you had Windows updates paused. So, I doubt a Windows update caused this. Perhaps this is because you tried to save to OneDrive.

              Do you normally save to OneDrive?


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              No, I never want to save to OneDrive. It seems to have become the default. I will delete OneDrive, as I never want to use it. I have had other surprises when AutoSave flipped on after an update, but that is Off now.

              I enabled Office Updates and ran the update. My version is now 1905 11629.20196. This unusual Save Changes dialog box still appears.

              I do have Windows Updates paused, but Windows forces a resume after about 35 days.

              I have other Win10/Office 365 installations. They update Windows/Office in much the same way as the installation at issue. None of them have this dialog box.

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        I have another machine with Win10/Office 365 with the same version number for Word. That does NOT have this new Save Changes dialog box; it has the familiar “Want to save changes?” dialog box. The Microsoft notice stated that “beginning in February 2019” they would start rolling out a feature that included this new dialog box. Apparently it’s a separate item that is not part of the Office 365 update. I’d guess it’s a OneDrive update as the stated purpose is to “make it easier to save to OneDrive.” I’d be happy if they’d make it “easy” to disable OneDrive.

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      Note: Beginning in February 2019 we’ll start rolling out a feature to Office 365 users on Windows and Mac that makes it easier to save your files to the cloud. By default, if you are signed in, files will be saved to OneDrive. If you want to save the current files somewhere else, click the Location drop-down to see additional locations. If the location you want isn’t there, you can open the full Save As window by selecting More save options.

      The save dialog in Microsoft Excel for Office 365

      If you haven’t received this update yet, then your Office applications will continue to use the classic experience for saving.

      Save a file in Microsoft Office

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        Many thanks for this info. I again tried removing OneDrive. There is no OneDrive icon on my task bar. I clicked OneDrive on Start>All Programs. Nothing happened. I went to Apps and Features and uninstalled OneDrive. It is no longer in the Apps and Features list. Back to Word: this same new dialog displays when I close a document. I signed out in Word. I was then warned that I could not use the application without being signed in so that my Office 365 subscription could be verified. I have deselected the checkbox in File>Options>Save to save by default to OneDrive. That made no difference. I seem to be going around in circles. I don’t use OneDrive, I will never want to use OneDrive, but it can’t be killed!

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      Hm. Seems that I’ve had Office updates reset my privacy and Trust Center settings without notice.

      Nothing about that in the release notes either.

      Oh and parts of the Trust Center settings dialog refer to other parts that are no longer there.

      Yes, online autosearch for unknown words during spelling check was back on too. I wonder if I should call the GDPR police… (Unknown words are often people’s names or addresses, after all.)

      MS Office 365 ProPlus “Version 1905 (Build 11629.20196 Click-to-Run)”

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      Windows 7 Pro SP1…I just had the 07/09/19 updates install and there are a few major changes to the user interface. The new document page has a different look and the Icons on the quick launch toolbar at the very top are completely different. My files also change to the  generic icon and word would not recognize them and wouldn’t open. A reboot fixed the problem and my files now have the correct .docx icon. Also the changes are on my Windows 10 Pro Build 1809.

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        Nice ! I’m one that does not like change, I get used to something and it’s very annoying to have to get used to it again all over. I wish we had some choice in the matter. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. That goes for changes in the GUI also. Oh well, our opinions have and always will fall on Microsoft’s deaf ears

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