• Office non-security patches for August 2017 are available

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    No, you don’t want to install them yet. WAIT! Microsoft’s track record hasn’t been the best of late. You don’t have to be a Guinea Pig! Aug 2013 non-s
    [See the full post at: Office non-security patches for August 2017 are available]

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      Just to be clear… we’re still at MS-DEFCON 3 for those who haven’t installed the July patches.

      These optional August patches can wait until we get the big bunch next week.

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        Office updates are never Optional, but Critical Updates, which means Important non-security.

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          I struggle to see how I require this update, for instance:

          Update for Microsoft Excel 2013 (KB4011080)
          Improvements and fixes
          This update improves some translations for the Danish and German versions of Excel 2013.

          I have never used language translations in Excel, and I don’t own a Danish or German version of Excel 2013…

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            Kirsty, just keep in mind that you didn’t design Windows or in this case Office and if you wish to run a “fragmented” non-baseline version of each specific software, you run certain associated risks.
            You have full visibility on this forum over who are those users claiming problems with mainly Windows (less Office as it is not so much discussed here) on this site and they are obviously those who are motivated by fear more than by moving forward.

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      having mostly-safe non-security updates beforehand is better than getting hammered with erroneous security updates 😀

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      It is interesting that the date of the files for all patches for Office 2016 is July 12, 2017.
      Released to the public on August 1, 2017.

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        2013 files as well, and the security updates next week will have the same dates, or a week newer

        this been the case for Office Updates since almost ever 😀

        MS do  test patches for considerable time before release :p

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      I think you have a typo .. Aug 2013 – should be Aug 2017, right?

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      In case this is of any interest…

      I’m using Office 2010, and on July 26, when I ran the July updates, the Security Update for Outlook was unchecked (same as in June, if I remember right), and I didn’t check it.

      But I’ve just pulled up the Windows Update dialog, and it’s now showing a “Security Update for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (KB2956078) 32-Bit Edition” that is checked, and that says it was “Published: Yesterday.”

      (And that’s the only Office 2010 Update that’s in my “Important” updates list.)

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      KB2956078 replaces the older patch.

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      Typos still there…


      The Aug 2013 reference was in the the body of the post…

      “Aug 2013 non-security for Office 2013/2016”

      Edit to remove HTML

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