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  • Office Registration and restoring a backup

    Posted on PStepanas Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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      AskWoody Lounger


      I think I may have discovered a new twist to the Office
      Registration process. It seems Office 2000 keeps track of
      more than just hardware.

      In dread of reinstalling all my software, I try to keep
      incremental backups of my Windows directory tree on another
      hard-drive, theoretically allowing me to step back to any
      previous state of my system.

      On the weekend, I decided to roll back some of the mess I’d
      recently perpetrated on my system following the death of my
      video card.

      Everything went well until I attempted to run Word 2000.
      At that point, Office Registration Wizard popped up telling
      me I had to register. Luckily the Microsoft Registration
      Centre was still open and I was able to ring through for a
      new registration number.


      The system rollback I performed restored my Windows
      directory tree to *exactly* the state it was in just before
      my old video card died. The *only* change to my hardware
      configuration since that time was the change of video card.

      This suggests to me that either:

      1) Office 2000 stores its registration info, not in the
      registry, but somewhere outside the Windows directory
      tree. If this is the case, I surmise it modifies the
      file in question without changing the file’s
      modification date.

      2) The Office 2000 registration info is updated with a
      time stamp-like entry every time the system starts. In
      this case, it may have detected that an old version of
      the registry had been restored.

      I’d be interested to hear what Microsoft has to say about
      all this (if I follow it up myself, they’ll just charge me
      for product support) or if anyone shed some light on what

      This is also a WARNING for anyone who does backups.
      Restoring your system from a backup, potentially even in
      its entirety, may require reregistering Microsoft Office

      Shame on you, Microsoft.


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      WSPhil Rabichow
      AskWoody Lounger

      I’ve had to restore my system from backups a couple of times & haven’t had that problem. I’m wondering if you rolled it back before Word 2000 was registered. I’ve used both PowerQuest Drive Image & Veritas Backup Exec.

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        AskWoody Lounger

        Phil wrote:

        >I’ve had to restore my system from backups a couple of
        >times & haven’t had that problem. I’m wondering if you
        >rolled it back before Word 2000 was registered. I’ve used
        >both PowerQuest Drive Image & Veritas Backup Exec.

        No, I didn’t roll it back before it was registered, and I
        did call in for the registration number (to respond to
        MaryJ) — the old one no longer worked (that was kind of
        my point). Also, in case it wasn’t clear, when I
        originally swapped over the video card, I didn’t require
        a new number.

        However, there was something else I did. In order to clear
        my system as much as possible of old drivers, after the
        rollback and after installing the new video drivers, I then
        went into Safe Mode and uninstalled all of the old video
        drivers, BEFORE I tried to run Office again. Perhaps Office
        picked up on that. Hmm.

        BTW: Thanks, Phil, for the SW recs. From the names, though,
        I suspect they may not do what I want. I’ll have to have a


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      H. Legare Coleman
      AskWoody Plus

      This is exactly the kind of thing that killed copy portection (and put many of the companies that use it out of business) the first time it was tried. This is also why I will never install a copy protected product on a computer that I own. I may have installed my last Microsoft upgrade or new product.

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      AskWoody Lounger

      i know they use mobo but not mac addresses. my mobos had built in vid cards, so it’s possible they do use the hardware id from the vid card. doesn’t make sense tho.
      the id allows for minor chages, mine was off a little but the code still worked and i think if you had called the first time and written down the number, the number still would work, it just wanted reentered. since most people take the easy way out and register via the net, they don’t know the number. net registration is supposed to allow for minor differences but you never know till it’s over if it did or if it used one of your two registrations.
      if you haven’t already registered it again, CALL it in. Save that number, the worst that will happen is it won’t work, but my experience is as long as the cd media, your registration name and the mobo is the same, it will work.

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