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    Intra-site comment links from before the early 2017 site conversion do not link to comments anymore. Example: click the link in comment https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/care-to-join-a-win7-snooping-test/#post-21388.

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      I have no problem clicking on the brown-colored-texts links found in poohsticks’s comment/reply#21386 and MrBrian’s comment/reply#21389, and then being redirected to the proper website pages. I am using Firefox on Linux.

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      click the link in comment

      Here’s that link:  https://www.askwoody.com/2016/the-case-for-not-updating-windows-7-ever/comment-page-2/#comment-108526

      There are two things wrong with that link that is *embedded* in the comment itself.


      The number, 108526, is the comment number from the *old* AskWoody Blog.  I never looked before, but now that I see this discussion, it’s apparent that the transition from that old Blog to the new Lounge, all the comment numbers were updated to the *new* AskWoody Lounge numbering system.

      But, there was no attempt to scan all the old comments for embedded links that referred to other comments in the old Blog, and to link the new numbers to those old numbers–I suspect that would have been a programming *nightmare* (?)–don’t know!  But, also maybe just wasn’t planned for, and it is what it is.

      But that comment # does not exist:  https://www.askwoody.com/forums/reply/108526/

      And whatever that number was in reference to, is no longer in existence–the comment is there, but we don’t know which one used to have that old number–gone forever!

      The other problem, -page-2, is the Old Blog link designation for when the series of comments reached a certain number, and the Blog software would create a new page to continue the comments, but now on a second page. The new Lounge software currently is not set up to create a second, or third, or fourth page (depending on how many posts are being made), it just has a longer and longer single page with more and more Replies on one page.

      So, again that link reference goes no where that is specific any longer.

      What the Lounge software does, is it defaults to the lowest level of the comment system that it recognizes in the link–in this case it’s the old topic:  https://www.askwoody.com/2016/the-case-for-not-updating-windows-7-ever/ . You’re on your own from there.

      So, if you have a list of links from the old AskWoody Blog–they will all fail in the new Lounge as far as directing you to a specific Comment (now referred to as Replies).

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