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    Does anyone have experience of installing an old HP Laserjet on to Windows 11?

    I have just received a new Thinkpad with Win 11 Pro – mostly OK.  Now updated to 22H2 because I wasn’t alert enough to stop the update.

    A recent Epson network printer works fine after a few wobble.

    But I should very much like to get my venerable HP Laserjet 1022n working on the LAN … it has done so well over many years on older Win10 PCs here.  It has one wonderful feature that I appreciate so much: send it a document and it just — PRINTs!  No fuss; the Epson may throw another wobbly and require a bit of button pressing if it has been asleep for a while.

    So can I get the HP 1022n to work on Win 11?

    I am slightly aware of a recurrence of various printer problems on Win11 but am not clear on where that leaves one with an older printer.   I have seen pointers to a Microsoft library of old drivers (https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=hp+laserjet+1022n) and I downloaded what seemed to be suitable drivers, but the printer installation process did not want to use any that I offered.

    Has anyone successfully installed an old printer like mine on Win 11?

    One attempt got me to a point where I was able to print endless repeated copies of the test page, despite only asking for one!  Don’t ask me how I reached that point.  At present the laserjet is listed in printers as offline.


    David H-S

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      Print a network page from the printer to find the IP address.
      Select Add printer manually. Add printer using an IP address or hostname.
      Put the IP address in the address field.
      Follow your nose to complete the installation.

      cheers, Paul

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      It is a good idea to set a static IP address on the printer (through the menu on the front of the printer) before you follow @Paul-T ‘s advice.
      If you let the printer’s IP address be assigned by the Router’s DHCP, the next time the printer is recycled ON/OFF, it may not get the same IP address. Then the IP address you set manually will no longer be correct.

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      I have two HP4250s, a HP4240, and two HP400 M401 printers on my P2P office network. All are attached using static IP addresses as suggested by Paul and PK. All are accessed by Win10 and Win11 workstations without an issue. The 42XX series are real workhorses.

      Good luck.

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      I don’t recommend static IP for home/soho printers. I use the printer DNS name instead of the IP address for my own printers. Then if the IP changes it will be picked up by the DNS.
      The downside is it precludes use of external DNS as they don’t know anything about your internal machines.

      cheers, Paul

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      Thank you one and all for your comments.

      I had some years ago set a static IP address for this printer to avoid some problem with several PCs accessing it.  So knowing the IP address had not been the problem; rather it was what driver to access when none seemed to work properly.  At one stage I was getting endless copies of a single page – a printing loop.

      I have now deleted the printer and then reinstalled it from scratch, taking the defaults for driver.    ….. And now it works properly.  Don’t ask me what went differently this time.  I am content that it works and grateful for your interest and comments.

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