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    I have a CD with an old windows backup on (c 2004) which is in a .bkf file.

    Windows 10 won’t read this but an internet search shows a number of (free) programs to do this but I’m reluctant to run programs from an unknown source.  Any advice would be appreciated.




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      This site has a description and link to a zip file that seems to contain the old MS ntbackup program. I haven’t actually tested the program.

      cheers, Paul

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      Attached is the 64-bit 5.1.2600 version of NTbackup from my old WinXP installation which will run on Win10 without changing the compatibility mode.

      The download from the site Paul T posted is the 32-bit 5.1.2500 version from WinXP and normally requires it be run in compatibility mode for an older version of Windows (i.e. Win7, 8 or XP.)

      Note, as indicated in the instructions from that site, simply ignore the alert about the Removable Storage service not running as that only applies for tape backups.

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        Many thanks for such quick replies.  Installed Alejr’s files and bingo it worked.  Nice to know my 20 year old backup on CD still works.  Now need to find time to explore backup.

        Thinking about it I’ve probably got an XP disc somewhere, I tend to keep items from the past, I’ve still got my MSDOS manual – who remembers working with 64K of main memory



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      who remembers working with 64K of main memory

      Ooooh, you had a whole 64K, I’m jealous! My first PC was an Apple II+ which only had 48K and a portable mini-cassette recorder for saving/loading programs.

      So, who remembers the 6502 processor chip and “manually compiling” assembly language to run on it?

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        I remember doing assembly language on an IBM360 (not exactly a PC 🙂 ).

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        Motorola MC6809E processor with 32kb ram with program cassette loading that took an age was our first home computer, TRS-80 clone Dragon32 way back in the early eighties. Typing in monthly magazine games was fun… not! Especially when the bloody game had syntax/coding errors provided by the source… grrrr.

        Win8.1/R2 Hybrid lives on..
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