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    In the wake of the recent Snapchat location sharing change, I received a message concerning end-to-end encryption in Facebook Messenger: “… as of la
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      My daughters loved Facebook… but have been caught in dramas that should have never been public there… and I was surprised when they both adopted Signal for their phones. It is simple, good looking, and very functional… and private. They especially like how easy it is to send pictures… and to have groups. Everyone downloaded Signal, and chooses encryption… and then they are just busy using it. Using Chrome, they can have Signal on their computers, too, synced with their phones.

      I don’t think they will be giving up their computers anytime  soon. They like the mobility of phones (one has android and one ios), but both of them like the big screens they’ve added to their computers when they are at home… and both tried W 10, but moved back to their previous operating systems.  They like to be able to sync different devices, but are definitely not moving away from the functionality of their desktops… They back up the mobile devices to their desktops, and to external harddrives disconnected after a back up… and the desktop provides stability and creativity on a larger scale. True, they have cycled through a half dozen phones, but the desktops are the work horses and stick around…

      I look at what the younger people are actually using… and how they use it.

      Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      Well, the only secure messaging app is Wire (wire.com). Wire’s HQ is in Switzerland and the app is open source…

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