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      To question the legality of VPN
      MUST FIRST question the legality of government

      Since when anyone of us is born by (therefore a product of) goverment?
      NOTICE – goverment is just a bunch or NORMAL ORDINARY human being (just like you) who somehow thro some honorable or dishonourable means and cheats to get power over anothe rlarger group of human beings
      Meaning why can you and me be our own goverment?!
      Most ppl (esp the west) only have concepts and reality in their lifetime, if not immediate presence. But if you extens your higher SELF pass this bodily sensation and perception, that is a mere few decades of existence, VPN is the proof something went horribly wrong in the current-model world!

      Going to the next level of question –
      Born free – live Shackled – die in manufactured prison plenet
      This is the government sposored-controlled-milking prescibed ‘model life’ for the population
      Sounds fun?

      And out to the existential question –
      One question I always ask OPENLY to ANYONE who dare to think DEEPER,
      “Why do you come to earth this time?”
      Obviously those with reincarnation-minded would answer differently than those of christian-tradition. The chirstian traditin folks only have one chance to get it right as they believe in the one-way ticket – one life only. Again here, rather than viewing this as religion topic, may be we can see it as a choice question. After all each has chosen their own religion – who is right and who is wrong? Who has the REAL and ONE TRUE gods? Who gets to decide therefore DICTATE what is right/legal and what is wrong/illegal? Should the gov tell us too which god is their model-god FOR YOURS TRULY and all your bloodline ? 1984 Fulfilled served freezing cold?!

      So VPN or no VPN? What say you?! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

      furthermore, askwoody may just be illegal in the M$ world (if they be government) – point taken?! πŸ˜›

      What is coming in the NEW WORLD when the old world dies?!
      May your god be for you and not against you πŸ™‚

      back to fishing for better dreams

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      Well, Virtual Private Network may be a very accurate name. But you have to decide if the network is real then it may be the privacy that is virtual.

      Your thirst for independence and self-reliance is admirable. If you have the skills to fell a large tree and carve your own dugout canoe to navigate the wild waterways of the www, be they oceans, seas, lakes, ponderous rivers or rushing rapids… Great! Be a rogue. Do your thing. I uphold your sovereignty to chart your course, and further a pox on any who claim a right to register your vessel and tax your activity.

      But if your visualizer of choice lays in the hands of another, then you have only changed the primary point of contact. It is still your data traversing someone else’s hardware. It is still a matter of trust as to who you choose to trust. Can you trust the illusionist whose stated business purpose is to obfuscate the purpose of all their clients? When the level of hand waving distraction looks like a deaf audience’s standing ovation I put my hand firmly on my wallet and check where my important information is kept while walking out of the room.

      I do want my privacy protected. But I do not quite trust any one who promises to keep all my privacy safe for me, by having me give them all my privacy. I believe you have distracted the issue by framing the question as legal rather than prudent.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Anonymous No. 2:

        Actually, I believe that was Kirsty (an MVP here at Woody’s) who created this thread by moving the post of Anonymous No. 1 here from elsewhere (it was off-topic there) to start it, and labeled the thread with the word ‘LEGALITY’ in the title.

        So it is about the legality of VPN. Which, by the way, does not mean I agree all that much, otherwise, with Anonymous No. 1. But to each his own.

        Also I better make something clear: my original posting in the “mother” thread and also in its follow-on here (below) was about the legality, or otherwise, of using VPN to make a run-around geo-blocking, where, in country A, it is not allowed that, let’s say, BBC programs which can be streamed only from inside the UK, be also streamed from outside the country (e.g., from the USA). But, (1) what if one is streaming via VPN from that other country and to do so is not against the law there? And (2) is there any law against that in the USA, these days? That was the starting point for my own involvement in the current discussion on VPN.

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      AskWoody Plus

      Looking this up, and from Kirsty’s posting in the “mother” thread, (*) the conclusion I arrive at is that this is a legal gray area: no firm legal precedents on this have been established as yet. Or there are such laws and regulations around, and might even have been in the books for years, but have never been enforced, so no precedent has ever been set by some court deciding a litigation brought about against those laws and regulations by interested parties. So one might be able to do as one likes while running very little risk, at least until the time this is finally decided by the courts or by the relevant regulatory bodies, if any.

      But all this leaves unresolved my original question of what happens if that is illegal in country B, not in country A, and one is using VPN to stream (let’s say) TV shows of country B from country A.

      Here is an interesting historical fact about legal grey areas and the use one makes of the Internet: back in the early 2000’s, a teenagerΒ  (in the UK, if I remember correctly) unleashed a denial of service attack sending one million emails to the server of someone he did not like. At the time, the question of its legality and even the very existence of such a thing as DoS were brand new things and there was no law against it. The teen in question was arrested and charged with something else already in the books, but it was hard for the police and the magistrates involved to make a case against him and justify his imprisonment. Eventually, the legislation on cyber crimes caught up with DoS, and now it is illegal pretty much everywhere.


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        Here is the clapping deaf audience and intended regulation…

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          Virtual Private Network is the routing. Encryption is the content. The two can be used together. Each can be used independent of the other. Really not the same subject.

          It is this kind of conflating two or more aspects of privacy control that adds confusion to the discussion.

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            So what… using your reply as a guide.

            OscarCP brought up the subject of using a VPN for viewing content from other regions, and these governments agents want to weaken and/or outright ban the content. You subscribe to a VPN service to get the layered content, so what was the point of your distinction?

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      Okay, I was making observations of the general kind, only because I found the OP to have an interesting style.

      But if being more specific is required then I have to ask a question. Are we seriously discussing whether it is okay to ignore the law in another jurisdiction as long as we put a mask on to conceal our identity? To pretend that we are someone we are not, or residing somewhere we do not?

      No. It is not okay. And I do not need a new law written to explain that to me.

      There are likely thousands of examples that could be made, and each would have to be discussed. But in the one example given, BBC programming is paid for under a socialist structure where the tax levied on the population is the equivalent of what a US national would call a subscription fee. The tax is collected based on your ability to receive the programming, not whether you actually consume the product (by watching the show). So if you are ‘stealing the signal’ without paying the subscription then you have broken the intent of the law. Even if a letter of law does not exist.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Good enough answer to my own questions. Thanks.

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        I never said it was okay myself; And what say you about the intended banning of now legal use of encryption that isn’t infringing or misusing the services provided to a population?

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          AskWoody Plus

          Anonymous #215203

          I think that I’ve read recently about this: a proposal of law made by the ruling party in the UK, that has been roundly criticized as unnecessary and poorly thought out. An example of some politicians lack of understanding of how today’s IT works and why is that.

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            Did you read the ZDNet article? Australia must be sponsoring some good times all nations representatives went to the Gold Coast where they all demonstrated a further profound lack of critical thinking skills. Of course if the intention is proposed oppression of a masssive population then they hit some mark.

            Yes indeed, some do not understand technology, but it is not impossible. … Also there are people who wish to abuse their power because they can do it.

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      Glad to see some good discussion here… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Yes MVP moved it here for more freedom of expression πŸ™‚
      so it VPN a ‘free speach’ matter?

      the original post was actually written with a fond memory of Aaron Swartz
      Thats is – data wants to be free πŸ™‚

      Yet again as with my first query,
      To question the legality of VPN
      MUST FIRST question the legality of government

      And yes someone pointed out here – its really about the issue of sovereignty
      As per the UN laws (which superceed all national laws – if im not mistaken)
      The highest law are of the human rights law, which overide all national and federal law
      meaning if there are no humans, where do you get a country?

      Secondly, did I vote for this VPN legal issue?
      then why am I subjected to it?

      You see (if some havent) they can only do their thing with threat of violence and actual violaence as backing
      See the case of Aaron

      I am taking this VPN issue to the soul level – not just geoblocking
      MVP moved it out prob coz its beyond VPN and VPN is just the issue of the day

      If they can force you to submit to the VPN issue, why cant they force you on GMO, or cashless, or one child only, or no child for anyone earning less them 250,000 ….

      Internet is suppose to be a fair and free playground for all
      Do we want to give it back to them to control us?
      Now that they already control every part of our body and life
      They can deny you access to your bank just as they can deny you hospital and madical care
      they can even deny and terminate you citizenship and refuse to issue you a passport
      This, I am gravely concern, it not just about VPN geoblocking
      Of course they want to minimise it (and it works on most people)
      but the intent, their hidden intent and their wider nets are ‘NOT SO FRIENDLY’

      Just abit more rant on a free and fair website of askwoody πŸ™‚

      But what can an individual do to fight the gov’s * against your and our sovereignty?
      That dear friends, is what we are LITERALLY living through now
      This is not about country – Its about them terraforming our existence on earth – every part of our being.
      Its about how human will be in as little as few years
      We will each find out “what are we made of – INSIDE”!

      And as an eastern minded I take on more responsibility and think way deeeper –
      What would I want to leave behind and pass on to those comes after me?
      Thats way beyond the VPN issue

      I thank MVP for moving this to a new off-topic for free discussion
      and hope we can at least think deeper how we should counter such gov-illegal-treatment
      if not for our last days, then the better next generations πŸ™‚

      I dont exist for the gov – the gov exist because I allow it
      I, the sovereign entity, must come first before the gov, a made up and can be disband group of ‘managers’!!!

      back to fishing for better dreams

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