• On what day did the feature deferral period for 1803 begin?


    Sorry if I’ve missed the definitive answer on this. I’ve got the 1803 feature upgrade successfully deferred on several Win10 Pro machines that connect directly to Microsoft (no WSUS). They’re still on 1709. At the moment, they’re deferred for 120 days. But when does that 120 days start? I guess it’s not from the original release of 1803, since we’re more than 120 days past April. Maybe from the day it change to Current Branch for Business?

    Would be nice to put in my calendar: “1803 will download to these machines on September 5” or whatever … so I can be prepared (and prepare the client).

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      I suspect your query may have been addressed in these recent topics (this is the order they were posted, and they are all inter-connected):

      Is 1703 direct to 1803 possible?
      Experiment to determine when and what Feature Updates are offered with deferrals
      How to upgrade from Win10 Pro 1703 to 1709 — and not 1803

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        Thanks for digging those up.

        There is in fact an August 28 post in which @PKCano says:

        “My suspicion is that the “defer = 365” has nothing to do with when you set it on the PC and everything to do with when MS declares the feature update ready for business (ie CBB/SAC/whatever it is next version instead of CB/SACT).”

        To which @woody replied, “I believe that’s the case, but still haven’t seen any official confirmation.”

        So apparently as of three days ago, no one here knows.

        I think this qualifies for a “low transparency” rating on Susan’s Pinocchio score!

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          I also suspected the deferral time relates to the date from when the release is “published” at MS’s end, and nothing to do with the point when you set the time, but having not seen it in action, I wouldn’t dare suggest such was the case 😉

          If that was the case, you’d just need to get to 199 of 200 days, reset it again (and again), and never get the feature updates… I’m sure that wouldn’t have been permitted, and was designed out of the system?

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      As I said here on the 28th: https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/how-to-upgrade-from-win10-pro-1703-to-1709-and-not-1803/#post-213711

      “1803 went SAC on 7/10/2018, 49 days ago.
      With deferrals set to 49 days or less, my VM wants to update to 1803.”

      So you’d have until 11/7/18 before 1803 would be offered to your machine(s) if you have the feature deferral set to 120 days.

      Supposedly RS5 will be released in October (according to a few blurbs I’ve seen today), but no official date has been announced. Even so, your machine would update to 1803, not 1810.

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        Great info, thanks. Sounds like July 10, 2018 is the golden date for 1803.

        With a 120-day deferral, that puts me at November 7:


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        @zero2dash – I would like to point out that US date format (MM/DD/YYYY) is not used by the rest of the world. It is always a guessing game trying to work out the meaning of numeric only dates. I have taken to writing dates as 31-Aug-2018 to avoid confusion when posting on forums.

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          Good Point it often makes me pause for reflection when the dates come up and just to Confuse matters M$ went Chinese Style with Win10 1507 (2015 July etc) an eye on a growing Market perhaps, or to further confuse the life out of us poor beleaguered Windows users lol? 😉

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            My personal notation is to use MM/DD/YYYY or the German DD.MM.YYYY. But for public communication, spelling out the month is best.

            As for YYMM, I first learned that as a programmer. When you sort YYYYMMDD alphabetically, it comes out chronologically. Very handy for file and folder names. Your digital camera probably uses that naming convention too.

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